UPDATE: Serato DJ 1.2 — new multi FX and more controllers

Serato DJ Upgrade 1.2

Serato DJ 1.2 is upon us, and comes with new multi FX mode, more controllers and a 14 day free trial.

Numark NS6: First ITCH controller to get free Serato DJ upgrade

Numark NS6 ITCH free Serato DJ upgrade

While Serato have been rolling out paid Serato DJ upgrades, the promised free ITCH upgrades are here. Numark’s NS6 gets the love first.

Serato DJ 1.1.2 — VCI-400 and WeGO friendly

Serato DJ 1.1.2 upgrade Vestax VCI-400 Pioneer DDJ WegO Numark NS6

As promised, more Serato DJ Intro controllers get the Full Serato DJ Love. Vestax’s VCI-400 and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO are added to the list.

Serato DJ — Upgrades Round 1 and Opinion

serato dj 1.1 upgrade

As promised by Serato, the first round of upgrades are here – but just for Serato DJ Intro users.

Stanton updates SC-IX — SCS.4DJ gets hot cues and more

SCS.4DJ SC-IX system 3 update (2)

Stanton’s innovative black box aka SCS.4DJ gets an OS update. And with it comes hot cues and more.

NI approach Mountain Lion with caution


Mountain Lion is uncaged, and as suspected some DJ products are casualties. Native Instruments issue a damage report.

POLL: Software Updates – lemming or chicken?


OS X is due a point release upgrade to Mountain Lion. But will you throw yourself headlong into the deep end, or be somewhat more sensible?

Vestax VCI-400 DJ Controller – and now mixer too

Vestax VCI-400 mixer firmware

The Vestax VCI-400 finally gets the much rumoured firmware upgrade to turn from just a DJ controller into a mixer as well. And for free.