There’s vinyl, and then there’s hot stampers

wired vinyl hot stamper

Believe it or not, there are levels of vinyl purism. Wired pays a visit to Tom Port, a “hot stamper” specialist who searches out first off the press vinyl.

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Switch’s DMC winning set [VIDEO]

mr switch DMC champion

We want to make videos, so here’s one for your viewing pleasure. We perhaps peaked too soon when we got the new DMC world champion Mr Switch in to perform his winning set. Here’s the full 6 minute (plus outtakes) DMC set shot from every angle possible. Enjoy.

How I learned to let go of the old ways of DJing


Playing one track to the next has evolved into a two turntables and a mixer format, and is something that still dominates DJing today even in the entirely digital age. It’s a comfort zone that few seem to want to break free from, despite not really needing platters to support vinyl anymore. But is this legacy holding DJs back from finding all new ways to play music? Craig Reeves asks some difficult questions, the main one being is it finally time to let go of the old ways?

POLLS: Getting to know you and your turntable habits

turntable habits

In the wake of the shutdown to Technics, it seems that the rest of the market have come out of the shadows and are experiencing a resurgence. But these are different times and there’s a diverse user base with using turntables in different ways. And we’d love for you to tell us how you use them by checking some boxes in polls.

POLL: Future turntables – basic or with bells on?

technics future turntables

Turntables are back, but do they do what you want? Do you want the basics or do you want every bell and whistles in the world? Tell us.

Turntables were most definitely hurt making this video


If you’re one of those people who treats their turntables like they’re valuable artefacts, do not watch this video. What the hell did I just watch?

FRIDAY FUN: Super Scratch World!

Reloop DJ Angelo Fong Fong Super Scratch World

It’s time for some Friday fun, courtesy of DJ Angelo and Fong Fong, who fall in the dressing up box and end up in Super Scratch World!

DJ gear: Another revolution or will evolution do?


Things are slowing down, and revolutionary DJ gear is simply evolving. Can you handle it, or must you have wow moment stuff all the time?

Reloop Concorde Carts — in shops now

Reloop Concorde carts

If you’re in the market for those cool new Reloop turntables, why not match them up with Ortofon based Reloop cartridges too. They’re in shops now.

SHOWCASE: DJ Angelo on the Reloop RP-8000 turntables

DJ Angelo Reloop rp-8000 turntable demo

There wasn’t a demo before, but there is now. Reloop’s poster boy DJ Angelo stole my demo RP-8000 turntables just so he could record this video.