Epsilon Inno-Propak — decks and a mini Innofader mixer

Epsilon Pro Inno-propak djt-1300 turntable mini innofader inno-mix 2 (1)

Getting into DJing via the vinyl route is expensive. Single turntables are costing more than a whole controller does. So Epsilon Pro’s Inno-Propak is a welcome antidote, with a pair of high torque DJT-1300 USB turntables and a mini-Innofader equipped Inno-Mix 2 mixer for just $799.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable — all the facts


Pioneer takes it back to the times before they changed everything with the CDJs. The PLX-1000 turntable is their take on the classic Technics.

Revisiting the Technics petition and poll one last time

technics petition poll balance

before we draw a line under the topic of the Technics petition, let’s take a look at the poll results and see how they possibly translate to reality.

If you want turntable art, this is it


Turntables are normally used for playing other people’s art. But as Robert Howare shows, they can also be used to create their own turntable art.

Technics 1200 revival: Facts, figures, and a realist’s view

technics 1200 1210 graphs

A call for a Technics 1200 revival has been made. But just how realistic is it? Craig Reeves gathers together industry intelligence to find out.

All about Technics — a poll and a petition

Technics Petition

Missing Technics? There’s a petition for that. And we ask some questions to see just how much you really do miss the iconic turntable brand.

The incredibly unhygienic reason why vinyl sucks

dirty vinyl handruff

Vinyl records house a filthy secret, and you make it worse whenever you lick your fingers. Say hello to the icky grime that is handruff.

Musikmesse 2014: Vesta Audio turntable and speakers

Vestax Vesta audio act-x100 turntable vma 20 speakers musikmesse 2014 (1)

Vestax is known for left field thinking. And their new Vesta Audio ACT-X100 turntable falls into that category. Calm down — it’s not for DJing with.

Musikmesse 2014: DJ Tech LF-12 Turntable update

DJ Tech LF-12 turntable Musikmesse 2014 (3)

Another day, another story about turntables. This time, it’s an update to the DJ Tech LF-12. First seen at NAMM, it’s coming out really soon.

Musikmesse 2014: About that Pioneer turntable rumour…

Pioneer Turntable rumour musikmesse 2014 (6)

After Qbert’s loose-lipped gaffe in the DJ City video, the secret Pioneer turntable project was preemptively outed. But now it’s properly out there.