Broken tonearm? You should put an ICE on that

ICE Headshell (1)

I have no idea just how people manage to break turntables, but it happens. And the ICE headshell should help them out in a dire emergency.

The Soundwagon is dead — long live RECORD RUNNER

Soundwagon Record Runner vinyl record player stokyo

The relaunched Record Runner will bring a smile to your face while you panic about the thing falling over and trashing your vinyl. It doesn’t BTW.

Could the next Pioneer DJ PLX-1100 turntable look like this?

PLX-1100 turntable prototype mockup

DJ Daylate has sent us his ideas for the perfect Pioneer DJ and rekordbox turntable. The PLX-1100 mockup has lots of cool ideas. But what do you think?

SPOTTED: 10″ Technics turntables from DJ J-Tek

Technics 10" DJ J-Tek SL-DZ1200 JT-10 MK1 turntable (6)

Technics might be over, but that doesn’t stop clever people making old Technics better. The SL-DZ1200 has been modded into a 10″ turntable by DJ J-Tek.

DJ EXPO 2015: Numark TT250USB turntable

Numark TT250USB turntable (3)

Numark hauls itself aboard the turntable gravy train. But instead of nextlevelness, the TT250USB turntable is a simple box ticker, the biggest being price.

The circle is complete: Pioneer DJ PC-X10 cartridge

Pioneer DJ PC-X10 PN-X1- needle cartridge (2)

Pioneer DJ continues to plug gaps in their one-stop shop. Designed with Nagaoka, the PC-X10 is their own DJ cartridge for the PLX-1000 turntable.

Viny’ Lourd Son’s fretless Scratchocaster

viny lourd son scratchocaster

In a clear case of when worlds collide, Viny’ Lourd Son decided to hack expensive DJ gear into a format that makes them into much more of a visual performance instrument. The result is the Scratchocaster, a Rane/Vestax decktar or something.

Wax & Stamp: a vinyl record pool for the modern age

wax & stamp banner

For some, the concept of going to a record shop, building a relationship with the owner, and having them pick out hot tracks and keep them behind the counter for you is an alien concept. Enter Wax & Stamp, a record pool that aims to deliver a little of that right to your doorstep with physically curated vinyl.

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-7000 Silver

Reloop RP-7000 silver turntable NAMM 2015 (2)

Nodding its head to the classic styling of the Technics 1200, the Reloop RP-7000 Silver adopts the retro colour scheme to further reinforce the influence.

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable

Reloop RP-8000 straight turntable NAMM 2015 DJ (4)

Reloop has hears the cries of turntablists and done the right thing by announcing the RP-8000 Straight turntable, which is exactly what the name implies.