Traktor Kontrol: wireless touchscreen MIDI controller

Ever wanted to use your smart device as a wireless MIDI controller for your desktop DJ software? Enter Traktor Kontrol for iOS and Android.

Micro-DJing: Faderfox MICROMODUL DJ4 out now

German DJ controller maker Faderfox has a new all-in-one device, the MICROMODUL DJ4, and it’s about as portable as you can get.

OS X El Capitan: can you upgrade yet?

It’s coming up to two months since Apple released their latest OS X update dubbed El Capitan. Is it OK to upgrade yet? We round up the latest news.

Traktor 2.10 released — the back door is opened again

Traktor 2.10 adds support for the new Kontrol S5, but for many of us importantly reopens the audio interface back door closed in 2.9. Yay.

BPM 2015: Rekord Buddy 2 demo — almost here!

Rekord Buddy 2 edges ever closer. Damien Sirkis from Next Audio Labs walks us through what will most likely be the released version at BPM 2015.

The Traktor Kontrol S5 — Stems on a smaller scale

A good day for controllers it seems, and NI has officially taken the wraps from the Traktor Kontrol S5, a cut down Kontrol S8 for Stems toe-dippers.

Traktor 2.9 is out now — Stems are go!

Traktor 2.9 is out, and with it come Stems. You can head off to the usual sources to buy some, but you’ll have to wait a while to make your own.

EXCLUSIVE: Official NI Traktor Stems demo webcast video

Last month via a live webcast, NI’s Chad Carrier demoed the upcoming Stems multitrack format and did a live Q&A. And we have it exclusively on DJWORX.

Review: Native Instruments Kontrol D2

NI has lopped the end off of a S8 and called it a Kontrol D2. Jared got a pair and used them with his S8, turntables, and just about anything he could lay his hands on. He wrote many words, and named it a review.

Traktor Pro 2.8 — the walls come tumbling down

The Kontrol D2 is out, and so is Traktor Pro 2.8. Out too is NI’s closed door policy, which brings Rane certification and Pioneer CDJ and XDJ support.