Traktor DJ 1.5 – SuperSlicer and beyond

Native Instruments has released Traktor DJ 1.5. It’s not a big upgrade to the core software, but via the new in-app purchase model, you can now buy cool new features, the first of which is SuperSlicer. Imagine a slice broken into three layers, and being able to apply an effect to each. That’s SuperSlicer.

REVIEW: Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 Interface

NI has made its already tiny Traktor Audio 2 interface smaller, and at the same time iOS friendly. Mark Settle falls in love with this pocket rocket.

Traktor DJ 1.4 drops with Mixcloud integration and effects

Traktor DJ 1.4 brings Mixcloud integration and new “free” and “unlockable” effects. Are in-app purchases ahoy?

Traktor DJ is OK for iOS 7. S4/S2, Less so…

Traktor DJ gets the iOS7 thumbs up, but the new S2 and S4 get the iOS7 thumbs down, for now.

NI updates Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4 – EXCLUSIVE PICS!

Native Instruments have updated their Traktor Kontrol S2 and Kontrol S4 to incorporate the new Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ features.

NI announce… a Traktor DJ cable. No really.

This new Traktor DJ cable promises to … umm… split stereo audio into mono channels. But it’s got a Traktor logo on it. YAY!

Traktor DJ: Free! For now anyway…

NI giving stuff away? Hell yes, and for those of you who have been hovering around the Traktor DJ buy button, it’s free. Now. Get it.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 — Unboxing and first impressions

We got the Traktor Kontrol Z1 in the post today, and of course the only thing to do is take pictures. You asked for an unboxing, and here it is.

HANDS ON: Traktor DJ shoehorned into the iPhone

First there was Traktor Pro for desktops, then came Traktor DJ for iPad. But finally the pocket-sized experience has arrived. Traktor DJ for iPhone is here.

A Traktor DJ on Traktor DJ – Shiftee on the iPad

Shiftee on an iPad? Well he is a DJ after all. Watch him busk his way around Berlin using nothing but Traktor DJ.