DJ Tech’s pre-Christmas surprise: the DIF-7PT

It was a matter of time before someone capitalised on the burgeoning 7″ scratching market. Thus DJ Tech presents the DIF-7PT, designed specifically for it.

Thud Rumble wants to put a tiny PC in your mixer

Thud Rumble has always been disruptive, and this time they’re challenging convention and wanting to put an Intel Edison processor in all your gear.

Duck Sauce control vinyl = Quacktor Scratch

Traktor time code special editions are scarce. But when they do turn up, they’re usually pretty special and done in conjunction with DJ A-listers. In this case, Duck Sauce’s new “Radio Stereo” single is coming on on orange vinyl via Thud Rumble. Only 1000 copies will be made so expect it to sell out quickly. Or Quackly. Sorry – it’s a puntastic story.

NAMM 2014: DJ Qbert Limited Edition Gold Concordes [VIDEO]

DJ Qbert has been in the DJ game for a lot longer than 10 years, but this limited edition Gold Concorde cart marks the 10th anniversary of the first.

NAMM 2014: Thud Rumble TRX Scratch Mixer – Exclusive pics!

DJ Tech and Thud Rumble continue to be BFFs, and have worked together to bring out the Thud Rumble TRX scratch mixer.

Leap Motion: Qbert nails hands-free scratching

Think of a DJ future where turntables and vinyl are extinct relics. What’s left? Leap Motion looks that far ahead and offers a solution.

KICKSTARTER: Thud Rumble’s Superseal 7″ single

Skratchy Seal’s seven inch Superseal single is on Kickstarter. Vinyl and picture disk — pitch in and it can be yours.

SHOWCASE: Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer – and preorder

Thud Rumble’s limited edition TR-1S scratch mixer caused quite a stir last week. And now it’s available for pre-order. And there’s a cool showcase too.

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech’s limited edition Thud Rumble TR-1S Mixer

Thud Rumble and DJ Tech cement DJ Qbert’s NAMM endorsement of the DIF-1S with a very limited edition version. Behold the Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer.