Technics update from CES – confirmed price. Ouch.

Many questions remain about the new Technics SL-1200 announced this week. We have some answers, but the key one on price isn’t going to make you happy.

The limited edition Technics SL-1200GAE, with more to come

This just in — hell has frozen over and Technics is bringing back the turntable with a limited edition SL-1200GAE this summer. No really… it’s on their site and everything.

REVIEW: DDC ICE (in case of emergency) DJ Headshell

The ICE headshell comes to the rescue should you be faced with a broken tonearm. Mark Settle digs out his trusty Shure 44-7s and puts one to the test.

Pimp your Technics with 1200 Plates

They big boys don’t need out help, so we get behind small businesses whenever possible. 1200 Plates makes very shiny faceplates for Technics turntables.

Brace yourselves — Technics teases new turntable at IFA 2015

At IFA 2015, Technics announces that they’re working on a turntable. And this is how far they’ve got — early days then. A tonearm might improve things.

SPOTTED: 10″ Technics turntables from DJ J-Tek

Technics might be over, but that doesn’t stop clever people making old Technics better. The SL-DZ1200 has been modded into a 10″ turntable by DJ J-Tek.

DJ disasters — when has it all gone Pete Tong for you?

I’m sure we’ve all had to face some bomb sites for DJ booths in our time, but what has been your biggest DJ disaster, and how did you deal with it?

Technics Tracks — like Beatport but for audiophiles

Technics is back, but definitely in the high end digital realm. So while many pray for the return of the analogue 1200 turntable, Technics has decided that delivering high quality digital music is a smart move. So teaming up with 7Digital, Technics Tracks is their new FLAC download service.

Technics Reborn — new site and new products

With a time line that reads of closure, grief, rumours, petitions, and finally news reports, it would appear that Panasonic chose IFA 2014 in Berlin to announce the return of Technics as a pro audio brand. There’s a website and everthing, but it lacks the only element that DJs care about — a turntable.

Technics brand to return? No mention of 1200s

When Panasonic essentially killed off the most iconic DJ brand and product when they pulled the plug on the Technics 1200, the world wept, especially at a time when vinyl seemed to be on the up again. And while other turntables have become available, for a good number of people, only Technics will do. And breaking news out of Japan may indicate that the Technics brand (not necessarily the 1200) could be coming back.