Qassettes — keeping it reel

Off the back of their QRATES vinyl pressing service comes QASSETTES… can you guess what it is? Yes — people still want tapes for some mad reason.

The ScrubBoard — cassette scratching evolved

Cassettes for scratching? Been there – done that. But it’s not been done in quite the same way that Jeremy Bell is proposing with his ScrubBoard Kickstarter project. It’s a unique take on the idea involves samples on tape, and moving a cassette player head back and forth, all controlled from the Seesaw Killswitch.

REVIEW: Reloop Tape audio recorder

The original DJ recording medium is the form factor for the Reloop Tape. No chewable media or tabs to knock out and tape over though. Here’s our review.

Cassettes cool again, but do you have a player?

Cassettes are pretty awful, but like most things retro, seemingly cool. Or at least so says the BBC, who have found a small but noticeable rise in sales.

SHOWCASE: Cut Man Doo on the reels of steel

As technology rampages forward, Cut Man Doo take it back a level. Marvel at how he makes reel to reel sound like the wheels of steel.

Reloop Tape – official words

It’s like tape but it’s not. The Reloop Tape aims to win your heart by looking like the thing it helps you make. Reloop fill us in with a few more words.

BPM 2012: Reloop Tape — like a cassette, but not

It looks like the thing that we all used to record mixes to, but the Reloop Tape is now the middle man in the process.