Spotify kicks Soundcloud by hosting DJ mixes

Spotify has announced itself as a player in the DJ mix hosting game. They’ve struck a deal with Dubset, and the uploader could even make money too.

Digging its own grave: Soundcloud Go

Soundcloud has been struggling to get out of a rut. Their latest plan is Soundcloud Go, a premium listener service to compete with the Streaming big guns.

Mixcloud migration tool — the Soundcloud exodus begins

While Soundcloud decides exactly what it is, Mixcloud is making hay while the sun shines and has provided a Soundcloud import tool. Cheeky scamps.

Is SoundCloud jumping the shark?

Oh no! Yet again, SoundCloud is in the news for the wrong reasons. We keep covering the SoundCloud soap opera, yet it never seems to end. Not content with making deals with big labels, setting them at odds with their users (some of whom have been with the site since the beginning), the music hosting […]

GROUP TEST: SoundCloud vs the best of the rest

Soundcloud dominates music hosting, but has run into its fair share of bad press in recent years. But is it still the best platform for your needs? Dan Morse takes a look at some options across a range of uses, and makes some recommendations.

Soundcloud responds to the copyright drama

2014 saw a dynamic shift in Soundcloud’s handling of copyrighted materials. Instead of taking responsibility themselves, they essentially let Universal Music be copyright vigilantes. And after some prodding, they’ve issued a statement to Mixmag clarifying their position.

Soundcloud licenses Warner Music Group catalogue

Up to now, Soundcloud has been a battleground, with them simply pulling down content without notice, and alienating long standing users. But in a new move, they’ve worked out a licensing deal with Warner Music Group, that hopefully will mean that more content will remain intact.

DJs – is it time to ditch Soundcloud?

Given Soundcloud’s recent bad press regarding takedowns, announcing the introduction of ads couldn’t have come at a worse time. So has Soundcloud jumped the shark? Or after chucking a minor hissy fit, will you just carry on using it anyway?

Soundcloud becomes DJ hostile — majors calling shots?

Wait… Soundcloud lets majors flag music and shut you down without notice themselves? One DJ gets rough justice at the hands of Universal.

MixVibes Cross — now with Soundcloud

Apps and software hooking up with online streaming services is the future. Thus MIxvibes has plumbed Soundcloud right into all of its Cross range.