DJs – is it time to ditch Soundcloud?


Given Soundcloud’s recent bad press regarding takedowns, announcing the introduction of ads couldn’t have come at a worse time. So has Soundcloud jumped the shark? Or after chucking a minor hissy fit, will you just carry on using it anyway?

Soundcloud becomes DJ hostile — majors calling shots?


Wait… Soundcloud lets majors flag music and shut you down without notice themselves? One DJ gets rough justice at the hands of Universal.

MixVibes Cross — now with Soundcloud

Mixvibes cross dj soundcloud (6)

Apps and software hooking up with online streaming services is the future. Thus MIxvibes has plumbed Soundcloud right into all of its Cross range.

MixVibes Cross DJ — Soundcloud on the go

Mixvibes Cross DJ 1.2 Soundcloud app iOS iPod iPhone (2)

DJing on iOS devices is about being on the go. Thus MixVibes Cross DJ 1.2 can now throw your mobile mixes directly up the pipes to share on Soundcloud.