REVIEW: Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 serato DJ Intro controller review (11)

Entry level DJing doesn’t have to mean gimmicky rubbish. Numark’s Mixtrack Pro 3 is the ideal first controller. Mark played and turned thoughts into words.

VIDEO: Rane TTM57 MKII in the hands of Skratch Bastid

skratch bastid rane TTM57 MKII serato

Take one wicked scratch DJ, give him a wicked scratch mixer, and add a hot track. Skratch Bastid meets the Rane TTM57 MKII and messes with NWXRK by Nadus.

Musikmesse 2015 — a brief look at the Xone:43C

Musikmesse 2015 Allen & Heath Xone:43C serato mixer (6)

Allen & Heath’s renewed DJ activity saw them in hall 5 with everyone else. And a steady stream of people had a dabble with the new Serato DJ Xone:43C mixer.

Musikmesse 2015 — Allen & Heath Xone:43C Serato DJ mixer

Allen & Heath xone:43C mixer Serato DJ Musikmesse 2015 (2)

Already accidentally outed last week, Allen & Heath has now officially announced the Xone:43C, with X:LINK, USB, and Serato Club Kit compatibility.

Serato Icon — DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Peter Piper routine + interview

DJ jazzy jeff peter piper routine

Watch DJ Jazzy Jeff do his legendary Peter Piper routine, and then chat with former Serato CEO Sam Gribben for Serato’s Icon series.

Inklen’s MixEmergency 3 — not more but better

MixEmergency 3 serato video

MixEmergency 3 from Inklen is here. But it’s not about adding cool new toys, but is about making it better. Optimisation is the key to this release, with the hood being lifted and the code getting a serious tune up. Now more people can run MixEmergency than ever before. Well on Mac anyway.

FonoFaders — think fretless fader but more


When John Beez released his fretless fader project, sections of the DJ community went nuts. Some took it further, but none quite so far as Genesis Alejandro. Take a look at the FonoFaders prototype — eight faders on a sliding frame linked to a turntable. But can you work out what is going on?

Serato DJ 1.7.4 Beta — DVS Club Kit, Beat Jump and more

serato dj 1.7.4 public beta club kit

Serato DJ 1.7.4 hits public beta and brings goodies like Beat Jump and Club Kit DVS support for Pioneer and Allen & Heath mixers. Download it today.

REVIEW: Gemini Slate 4 Serato DJ Intro Controller

Gemini Slate 4 serato controller review (15)

Seems that Serato is inviting more companies to eat at their table, and Gemini has been invited to bring their own particular cost effective brand into the fold. The Slate 4 controller is a fully featured offering coming with Serato DJ Intro, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fully featured. Jared takes one for an extended spin, and writes a stable amount of opinion.

Serato DJ Intro goes to 1.2.4 — now KAOSS DJ friendly

Serato DJ Intro 1.2.4 Korg Kaoss DJ

An incremental update is out for Serato’s entry level DJ Intro software. Version 1.2.4. gets compatibility with Korg’s new KAOSS DJ controller.