Denon DJ MC6000mk2 units to get full Serato DJ

denon mc6000mk2 serato DJ DVS expansion pack

While Denon’s MC6000mk2 might not easily sit alongside flagship units from Numark and Pioneer, it is still a very capable controller. And having snapped up by their unstoppable acquisition juggernaut, inMusic is keen to demonstrate commitment to the Denon brand, and has decided to ship all future MC6000mk2 units with the full Serato DJ package, and as announced previously, it will also be DVS expansion pack ready.

Serato DJ 1.7 public beta — it’s a biggie

Serato DJ 1.7 public beta

Time for a point release update from Serato. As mentioned in today’s Seratofest marathon of posting, Serato DJ 1.7 is key to unlocking new features and hardware. But there’s also a lot of long standing issues being addressed in this release. The public beta is up and ready for play. Sign up and give it a thorough hammering.

Introducing Serato Flip — hot cues just got hotter

serato flip

It’s quite possible that the core DJ skill of playing one record into another on beat reached peak development a number of years ago. So now it’s a matter of taking the new stuff and doing more with it. Serato Flip is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that lets you record and playback hot cue and censor actions, and save them with the original track.

Serato DJ 1.6.2 and DJ Intro 1.2 welcome new hardware

Serato DJ 1.6.2 reloop RP-8000 Serato DJ Intro 1.2

An incremental update to Serato DJ 1.6.2 and Serato DJ Intro 1.2 welcomes new hardware, and makes Reloop’s RP-8000 an official Serato accessory.

Serato DJ 1.6.1 — the glue that binds

Serato DJ 1.6.1

Serato DJ 1.6.1 nudges onwards, and rolls in Serato Video and Serato Remote updates, as well as a smattering of bug fixes.

New Serato Video — integrated into Serato DJ


Integrated into Serato DJ (for a fee), Serato Video take a few steps forward in functionality, including video recording and active audio effects.

MixEmergency 2.4 and Serato DJ officially play nice at last

MixEmergency 2.4 official Serato DJ

Inklen’s MixEmergency 2.4 is officially supported in Serato DJ. Yes, that’s officially — not through a back door, but with a Serato rubber stamp.

My brief play with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ (insert air horn here)


First seen at NAMM 2014, I ventured off to Pioneer for a play with the DDJ-SZ. And yes, the air horn button is real. I got video.

Serato DJ 1.6 plays nice with Scratch Live legacy hardware

Serato DJ 1.6 released

After years of demolishing and rebuilding foundations, Serato DJ 1.6 has been released, and is the unifying one Serato DJ to rule them all.

NAMM 2014 Day 3: Izotope Break Tweaker


Izotope and BT got together and created a digitial melting pot of beat and break making and mashing madness. Take a look at Izoptope Break Tweaker.