REVIEW UPDATE: Stanton SC-IX v4 for SCS.4DJ controller

Stanton SCS.4dj sc-ix 4 DJ (1)

Stanton’s SCS.4DJ all in one laptop free controller gets some update love. The SC-IX reaches version 4 and gets amongst other things hot cues.

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Another full setup coming out of the DJWORX sack courtesy of Stanton – an SCS.4DJ, a pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors, DJ Pro 2000 cans and Neo d+ cables from Vestax UK.

Stanton updates SC-IX — SCS.4DJ gets hot cues and more

SCS.4DJ SC-IX system 3 update (2)

Stanton’s innovative black box aka SCS.4DJ gets an OS update. And with it comes hot cues and more.

Stanton SCS.4DJ Controller Review

Stanton SCS.4DJ Controller

At a time when most manufacturers assume that laptop is requirement for live DJ performance, Stanton decide to ditch it for the SCS.4DJ and give you an all in one controller. We checked it out.