DJ Tech’s pre-Christmas surprise: the DIF-7PT

It was a matter of time before someone capitalised on the burgeoning 7″ scratching market. Thus DJ Tech presents the DIF-7PT, designed specifically for it.

VIDEO: QBert and Mix Master Mike — Revenge of the Reptoids

Check out this new 15 minute long session from scratch legends Qbert and Mix Master Mike, reunited for a Star Wars themed jam.

VIDEO: B.Two presents OUR FUTURE

Another cracking scratch performance from B.Two, once again demonstrating not only mad skills, but also high production values too.

VIDEO: QBert’s IDA World Finals Promo

The Red Bull and DMC battles are over for this year, leaving the IDA World finals in 2015. Check the promo video with Qbert, Ritchie Ruftone, IQ, and Vazee.

SNEAK PEEK: DJ Tech DIF-2S scratch mixer

The original DJ Tech DIF-1S was great for the money, but missed a few bits. But those have been added in and is getting released as the DIF-2S.

Red Bull’s iScratch Tokyo: 40 DJs with 40 DJM-S9s

Squeeze 40 scratch VIPs in a room armed with Pioneer DJM-S9s, and you’re in for a treat. Witness the Red Bull iScratch session from the Thre3Style event.

DJ Sara — now 16 and kicking your arse in a scratch battle

DJ Sara and her brother Ryusei set the scratch world on fire in 2007 with skills beyond their years. And now at 16, DJ Sara’s skills just get better.

VIDEO: Chris Karns, Skratch Bastid, JFB, and Pfel

Four giants of scratch come together to create a single video where they all contribute to a session featuring Mark Ronson’s “Feel Right” track.

Turntablists — what more do you want from technology?

There is an emerging voice that wants tech companies to do more for turntablists. But do you really know what that “more” even is? If so, let us know.

Kypski’s Wreck Fader video and DJ game

Kypski along with D-Styles bring you “Wreck Fader”, a track that is the soundtrack to Kypski’s iOS and Android game of the same name. Watch the video.