Raiden Fader — another fader in a box

Raiden Fader box Frisk (2)

Everybody seems to love the simplicity of a fader in a box. And here’s another — the Raiden Fader is in its beta phase, but you can still buy one today.

Can’t scratch? Use the Scratch Machine

Scratch Machine plugin UVI (2)

Making dance music and want to add some scratches? Buy turntables, learn the craft, and record your own like we had to before laptops. Or alternatively get Scratch Machine — essentially a scratch DJ distilled into a plugin.

TableBeats — scratch beats in your pocket

tablebeats scratch looper iOS

Scratch loopers generally reside in the world of Flash. But Daniel Hulth’s Tablebeats app put a wide range of scratch beats right in your pocket.

VIDEO: Two guys, one deck — Fong Fong and Mart One

fong fong mart one

Obviously we love gear, but it’s useless without skills. And Fong Fong and Mart-One bring the skills in droves. Watch them share a turntable.

Frisk Fader demo from DJ RelyT [VIDEO]

frisk fader dj relyt

In a week where we posted about a fader in a box, here’s a demo of a fader in an impossibly tiny box. Behold DJ RelyT’s Frisk Fader demo.

The most beautiful scratch video ever made

b.two scratch temple game of death

There are scratch videos, and then there is B.Two’s Game of Death video. Shot in a Buddhist temple, it raises the bar considerably.

IDA World Final promo — The Tigerstyle Remix

IDA World Tigerstyle

With the IDA World final just one week away, DJ Tigerstyle has applied his considerable skills to the promo video and made something way cooler.

JFB and DJ Angelo — pure scratch skills [VIDEO]

DJ Angelo JFB

Getting the week started right is this video from JFB and DJ Angelo. Nothing gear related — just some good old fashioned funky scratch skills.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Return of the DJ volume 1-7

return of the dj free download

Need some seminal scratch music? Dave Paul from Bomb Hip Hop just posted all seven Return of the DJ albums as a free download.

VirtualDJ 8 DVS — scratching at the top table?

Virtual DJ 8 DVS

You might like to think that Serato and Traktor have the DVS game sewn up between them. But Atomix isn’t having any of that, and is pitching VirtualDJ 8 as a solid DVS alternative. The twist is that you can use pretty much any DVS capable hardware and timecode vinyl, and Atomix would love for you to try it out.