NAMM 2014 Exclusive: DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch mixer

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch Mixer (2)

The DIF-1S have evolved into the DJ Tech DIF-1M — a MIDI, filter, and balanced out upgrade to the original. NAMM 2014 just got more interesting.

TONIGHT: IDA World Final 2013 Streaming


The big day has arrived — the Reebok IDA World Final is today, and is being streamed live and direct from Kraków, Poland. Tune in and support!

DJWORX Session: Scratch Jam videos

DJWORX Session Scratch Jam 2013

You’ve read about the DJWORX Session, now watch the highlights. We’ve got 4 selected clips as well as the whole thing recorded live from the master output.

IDA UK and Ireland Battle Countdown

Dj Switch IDA UK and Ireland battle final 2013

Want to represent at the IDA World finals? The IDA UK and Ireland want your video entries in soon. Get busy!

The Scratchophone — the keytar but for vinyl

Scratchophone v2

Scratching is quite a stationary pastime. But the Scratchophone allows you to get up and wander around. It’s the keytar all over again, but way cooler.


c2c turntablist team at BBC down the road

For C2C, the step from battle performance to single is very short. And this week they stopped by BBC Radio1 to perform “Down The Road” live.

SHOWCASE: Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer – and preorder

Thud Rumble TR-1s DJ Traps Scratch Mixer DJ Tech

Thud Rumble’s limited edition TR-1S scratch mixer caused quite a stir last week. And now it’s available for pre-order. And there’s a cool showcase too.

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech’s limited edition Thud Rumble TR-1S Mixer

DJ Tech Thud Rumble TR-1S scratch Mixer DJ Qbert Innofader (7)

Thud Rumble and DJ Tech cement DJ Qbert’s NAMM endorsement of the DIF-1S with a very limited edition version. Behold the Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer.

SHOWCASE: Jon1st on the Rane Sixty Two

Jon1st Rane Sixty Two video

Turntablists can press buttons too. And as Jon1st shows, the Rane Sixty Two’s buttons still sound cool in a scratch DJ set.

SHOWCASE: Cut Man Doo on the reels of steel

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 21.55.53

As technology rampages forward, Cut Man Doo take it back a level. Marvel at how he makes reel to reel sound like the wheels of steel.