BPM 2015: Reloop RHP-15 Headphones

Reloop RHP-15 headphones BPM 2015 (1)

Reloop appears to be having a quiet BPM 2015. First a wallet-friendly media player, and now reasonably priced headphones called the RHP-15s.

BPM 2015: Reloop RMP-4 media player

Reloop RMP-4 media player BPM 2015 (1)

Reloop’s BPM offerings aren’t so much game changing as bill paying. The new Reloop RMP-4 media player is going to keep a lot of people very happy indeed.

Reloop Beatmix 2 mk2 — now in gleaming black

reloop beatmix 2 mk2 controller (1)

The Beatmix 2 mk2 is a spring cleaned cosmetically enhanced version of Reloop’s exiting entry level controller. And it’s much better for it.

REVIEW: Reloop RMX22i and RMX33i mixers

Reloop RMX22i RMX33i mixer review (1)

While many crave innovation, there is also a need in the market to satisfy. And Reloop’s just announced RMX22i and RMX33i mixer fulfil a core need as well as bringing the odd extra to the table. Mark got them before they were even announced and spent the weekend with them.

Musikmesse 2015 — More info on the Reloop Beatpad 2

Reloop Beatpad 2 musikmesse 2015 (5)

Reloop had the largest amount of new shiny to see at Musikmesse 2015. So we swung by and got a little more insight into the updated Beatpad 2 for djay.

Musikmesse 2015: Reloop RMX22i and RMX33i Mixers

Reloop RMX-22i RMX-33i mixers Musikmesse 2015

Reloop continues their traditional Musikmesse rollout with a couple of affordable 2 and 3 channel mixers. Say hi to the RMX22i and RMX33i.

Musikmesse 2015: Reloop Beatpad 2

Reloop Beatpad 2 Musikmesse 2015 DJ djay controller (2)

Musikmesse 2015 coverage begins today with news of an update from Reloop. The Beatpad 2 for djay is now Android friendly too with new pads and effects modes.

Latest controllers supported by VirtualDJ 8


There’s no stopping VirtualDJ right now. Having been rebuilt from the ground up, support for just about everything with a USB port is slowly being included. Over NAMM and beyond, a stream of DVS compatibility has been added, including the “natively supported” Traktor Kontrol Z2. I see what they did there.

NAMM 2015: Fong Fong Reloop freestyle

Fong Fong Reloop NAMM 2015

No planned set — just Fong Fong smashing a scratch freestyle on the Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable and RMX-60 Digital mixer at NAMM 2015.

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-7000 Silver

Reloop RP-7000 silver turntable NAMM 2015 (2)

Nodding its head to the classic styling of the Technics 1200, the Reloop RP-7000 Silver adopts the retro colour scheme to further reinforce the influence.