Rekordbox to evolve into full DJ software? Our take

rekordbox performance

Pioneer DJ just put out a teaser that shows rekordbox with Serato and Traktor like features. Is Pioneer DJ about to take on the big boys and go it alone?

VIDEO: DJWORX + DJ CITY + Damien Sirkis talk Rekord Buddy

djworx dj city damien rekord buddy 2

We offered The Worxlab as a venue for Mojaxx from DJ City and Damien from Next Audio Labs to chat about the long awaited Rekord Buddy v2.

FIRST LOOK: 60 minutes with the Pioneer XDJ-RX

Pioneer XDJ-RX rekordbox controller review (24)

So there I was at Pioneer DJ UK, waiting to be interviewed for an upcoming video. And having been left alone with the new XDJ-RX all-in-one controller for an hour, the only logical thing to do was write a first look piece about my brief experience. I only had a USB key with a few tracks on it, but it was enough to get a solid first impression. And here it is.

REVIEW: Pioneer XDJ-1000 multi player

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 multi player review (1)

After years of asking, and an equally lengthy period of Pioneer DJ doing the “lalala-we’re-not-listening” thing, they’ve finally unveiled the rekordbox-centric CD-less XDJ-1000 multi player. Andrew Unsworth returns to the DJWORX fold, dusts off his Pioneer reviewing trousers, and takes the XDJ-1000 for a turn around the reviews room.

NAMM 2015: Pioneer XDJ-RX — rekordbox stands alone

Pioneer D XDJ-RX rekordbox controller NAMM 2015 (5)

The subject of standalones has been a hot topic for a while now. And with rekordbox being an almost fully formed piece of DJ software, it was just a matter of time before they wrapped their considerable hardware arsenal around a unit that looked like real Pioneer. The XDJ-RX is that unit.

BPM 2014: Pioneer Rekordbox demo [VIDEO]

Pioneer rekordbox demo BPM 2014

Pioneer has always been about its own products. In recent years, it has snuggled up to NI and Serato, but has still developed its own library management software in partnership with Mixvibes, called Rekordbox. With version 3, all development is in the hands of Pioneer, and Rob Anderson was on hand to give a whistle-stop tour at BPM 2014.

rekordbox 3.0 – Pioneer software evolved

Pioneer rekordbox 3.0

Pioneer’s rekordbox 3 gets is a huge upgrade that adds a heap of enhancements, including a second deck. Does this indicate future directions?

Inevitable — Cross DJ 2.6 with Pioneer rekordbox sync

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.6 rekordbox sync (1)

Pioneer and Mixvibes draw ever closer with the introduction of rekordbox sync in Cross DJ 2.6.

Rekord Buddy — the Traktor and Rekordbox converter


2 different DJ music libraries, and one piece of software to break down the wall — Rekord Buddy gets Traktor and Rekordbox playing nice.

NEW: Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus – Our Take

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus DJ player (1)

Pioneer’s flagship CDJ-2000nexus is here, and with it comes a heap of performance features as well as a clear no laptop message.