Pioneer DDJ-SZ and VirtualDJ 8 — officially friends

Virtualdj 8 Pioneer DDJ-SZ DVS

Pioneer DJ has just given its seal of approval to VirtualDJ 8 Pro by making their DDJ-SZ top end controller fully and officially compatible. This means that new and existing users can nab a full copy and use DVS too. VirtualDJ 8 Pro is now official sitting at the grown-ups table.

Without discs, are we still disk jockeys?

what jockey disk jockey DJ

I cannot help but think that Pioneer’s new XDJ name is a possible play on words. Some feel that without disks or discs, we aren’t disk jockeys at all. In this context XDJ could mean ex DJ couldn’t it? Are you a DJ if you don’t use a circular medium? Of course you are, and read on to find out why. DJ is more than an acronym.

A CDJ with no CD? That’s the Pioneer XDJ-1000

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 USB player no CD (8)

Change is good, but this change is likely to be one that some will struggle with. The Pioneer XDJ-1000 is the CD-less incarnation of the CDJ line. Being an entirely digital workflow, CDs are out the window and have been replaced with Rekordbox. It’s not like you didn’t know it was coming, but are you ready to let go of CDs just yet?

Hands off Pioneer’s Future DJ concept. Literally.


Getting hands on DJ gear at a trade show is cool. But Pioneer DJ do not want you to lay your hands on their new gear at all. Their Future DJ concept shown at Ceatec 2014 is a gesture based system for controlling music and effects. Not so much waving your hands in the air… more a little to the left and right but not too far because you’ll overbake the effects.

Pioneer KUVO — connecting clubs to clubbers via the cloud


Pioneer already dominate the clubs. And with each passing month, they fill another empty slot in their product lineup. But now they’re introducing KUVO, a cloud based system that via collected metadata will connect DJs with everyone else and present their playlists via a mobile interface, and at the same time ensure that the artists they play get paid.

BPM 2014: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Demo

Pioneer DDJ-wego3 demo BPM 2014

In his last round of demo duties, Rob Anderson walks us through Pioneer’s tiny powerhouse of a controller. The DDJ-WeGO3 might not have the extensive feature set of the big boys, but it can certainly work properly with more software than just about any other controller on the market right now.

BPM 2014: Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller walkthrough [VIDEO]

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Serato DJ BPM 2014

Day two of BPM 2014, and Pioneer’s Rob Anderson fights trade show weariness to deliver an excellent walkthrough about the updated DDJ-SX2 Serato DJ controller, as well as touching briefly on the Serato Flip expansion pack. Again. Everyone is talking about Flip it seems.

BPM 2014: Pioneer Rekordbox demo [VIDEO]

Pioneer rekordbox demo BPM 2014

Pioneer has always been about its own products. In recent years, it has snuggled up to NI and Serato, but has still developed its own library management software in partnership with Mixvibes, called Rekordbox. With version 3, all development is in the hands of Pioneer, and Rob Anderson was on hand to give a whistle-stop tour at BPM 2014.

Pioneer Corp and KKR partner to create new Pioneer DJ


It would seem that Pioneer Corp has made it’s mind up in record time, as the sale of Pioneer DJ is announced by KKR & Co. Read the story – there’s more to it than a straight sale to another company.

Pioneer DJ sale — an official response

pioneer dj sale official statement

Yesterday, Reuters blew the DJ world wide open with rumours of Pioneer HQ deep in talks and near closing an alleged $570m deal for its DJ division. Many online conversations led to the DJ media posting their own versions and theories. But now Pioneer HQ has broken cover and issued an official statement.