The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable — all the facts


Pioneer takes it back to the times before they changed everything with the CDJs. The PLX-1000 turntable is their take on the classic Technics.

rekordbox 3.0 – Pioneer software evolved

Pioneer rekordbox 3.0

Pioneer’s rekordbox 3 gets is a huge upgrade that adds a heap of enhancements, including a second deck. Does this indicate future directions?

The Pioneer SG-1 — a leaving present like no other

Pioneer SG-1 Sam Gribben (4)

When Sam Gribben decided to leave Serato, they got him a leaving gift that money simply cannot buy. Behold the retro styling joy of the Pioneer SG-1.

VIDEO: The Evolution of the Pioneer CDJ

pioneer cdj history timeline

You think the CDJ started with the almighty 1000? Check out this 20 year retrospective of the Pioneer CDJ for some education.

Serato DJ 1.6.3 — I dub thee the Pioneer update

Serato DJ 1.6.3 Pioneer

The next update is here. Serato DJ 1.6.3 makes LEDs better, fixes the DDJ-SZ touch issue, and makes the CDJ-900NXS a Serato Accessory – no CDs necessary.

DDJ-SB – Pioneer’s controller of many colours

Pioneer DDJ-SB Red Blue Silver

Tired of fuddy duddy old black DJ gear? Pioneer has given their entry level DDJ-SB controller red, blue and silver paint jobs as well.

Pioneer DJ Radio — with a little added DJWORX

Pioneer DJ Radio

My days are spent writing and shooting. But for one day, I spoke into a microphone at Pioneer DJ Radio. You can listen here.

Musikmesse 2014: About that Pioneer turntable rumour…

Pioneer Turntable rumour musikmesse 2014 (6)

After Qbert’s loose-lipped gaffe in the DJ City video, the secret Pioneer turntable project was preemptively outed. But now it’s properly out there.

Pioneer get inside your head with DJE-1500 and DJE-2000 IEMs


Pioneer has all sorts of earbuds in the marketplace, but now they’ve gone top of the food chain with the new DJE-1500 and DJE-2000 IEMs.

VIDEO: Ko-Matsushima’s Hot Hand and Pioneer routine

Hot Hand Pioneer demo

Ko-Matsushima blends Pioneer gear, a Hot Hand controller and TouchOSC to make sweet music from Street Fight inspired moves.