Yeco: Ableton touch control at your fingertips

While touch tech continues to find its place in DJing, controller app Yeco brings Ableton control to your desktop touch-enabled monitor.

Smoothie for Traktor helps you choose your playlist

Here’s a little app for OS X called Smoothie that helps make your DJ life a little easier by analysing your Traktor mix and suggesting what to play next.

NAMM 2016: Rekord Buddy 2.0 limited beta announced

It’s been a long wait, but with a limited beta coming up, Rekord Buddy 2 is finally on the horizon.

Mixxx 1.12 becomes 2.0: now one better

Mixxx has always been an impressive feat for the open source community, but now they’ve reached a milestone: Mixxx 2.0 RC1.

OS X El Capitan: can you upgrade yet?

It’s coming up to two months since Apple released their latest OS X update dubbed El Capitan. Is it OK to upgrade yet? We round up the latest news.

If only manufacturers had advance notice of OS updates

Apple releases OS X 10.11 today, so the DJ industry is issuing press releases saying that it’ll break everything. But why? Isn’t three months enough notice and a beta program to make everything work? Help us understand.

REVIEW: MixMeister Fusion 7.7 performance software

MixMeister DJ software has been around for a very long time, but has it kept up with the competition? Dan finds out so you don’t have to.

Mixxx 1.12 beta — more than before, and still free

Mixxx, the open source, cross platform, and importantly free DJ software just hit a major milestone with the long-awaited 1.12 beta.

POLL: Software Updates – lemming or chicken?

OS X is due a point release upgrade to Mountain Lion. But will you throw yourself headlong into the deep end, or be somewhat more sensible?