NAMM 2015: Numark pics from the floor


Pouring over PR and renders is one thing, but there’s nothing quite like looking at actual product in real photos to get a better feel for a products. So Ray rushed around the show before it opened yesterday, and grabbed a handful of shots of the new Numark products, namely the NS7III, Mixtrack Pro 3 […]

NAMM 2015 — Numark HF Wireless Headphones

HF Wireless Headphones

Affordable Bluetooth headphones from Numark? What’s not to like? Enter the HF Wireless on ear DJ headphones.

NAMM 2015 — Numark Lightwave loudspeakers

ray edm lightwave

Who’d have thought, a speaker would be the NAMM 2015 announcement we’d be most excited about? But the Numark Lightwave is all about the pretty lights!

NAMM 2015 — Numark Mixtrack 3 with Virtual DJ LE

Mixtrack III

For those on a budget, Numark has the answer: the Mixtrack 3. It has no audio interface and comes ready to go with Virtual DJ 8 LE.

NAMM 2015 — Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

MixtrackPro III

Numark reveal a decent update to the Mixtrack Pro, bringing it to its 3rd generation, and powered by Serato DJ Intro. Meet the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3.

NAMM 2015 — Numark NS7III Controller

Numark NS7III controller screens NAMM 2015

The Numark NS7II is a hefty and expensive slice of controller. So when Numark announce the NS7III with screens, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d have to sell body parts to finance a new one. But don’t worry — the NS7III’s screens are an add-on unit available separately as well. Yes, that render that was floating around a while ago is now a thing.

REVIEW: Numark NV Serato DJ Controller

Numark NV Serato DJ controller review (18)

The controller paradigm is well established, and is only taking tiny steps forward with each iteration. But Numark has taken quite a leap forward by putting screens into their newest unit. The Numark NV aims to “change everything”, but can the inclusion of Serato DJ info at your fingertips really make that much of a difference? Mark Settle finds out.

BPM 2014: Numark NV demo with Rich Curtis [VIDEO]

Numark NV Serato DJ demo Rich Curtis BPM 2014

The Numark NV has certainly got tongues wagging, and was definitely in evidence on the Product Demo Stage. And while others used it as a basis for their own demoes, Rich Curtis broke out a wicked performance and on-point walkthrough at BPM 2014.

BPM 2014: Akai Pro AMX and AFX Scratch Demo [VIDEO]

Akai Pro AMX AFX scratch demo BPM 2014

When Serato and Numark get into bed, the result is usually a large controller. But when stablemate Akai Pro cosies up, it seems that the results are considerably smaller, but still ticking a lot of boxes. The Akai Pro AMX and AFX squeeze a lot into a small package, all of which can be seen in this demo from DJ Rasp and Rich Curtis at BPM 2014.

VIDEO: Arkaei on the Numark NV


Having a few spare hours to kill, we did what any self-respecting DJ would do – bust out the video camera and record a Numark NV demo. And eat cookies.