Numark NV — everything you need to know


As a DJ, you should be focussed on your gear, and not the laptop screen. The Numark NV Serato DJ controller aims to do away with the vacant DJ laptop gaze.

INDUSTRY: Karl Detken joins inMusic

Karl Detken inmusic numark marketing director

inMusic has announced that Karl Detken, the guy who put CDJs and V-MODA in your head, is Numark’s new Director of Marketing. Let the games begin.

INDUSTRY: inMusic buys Denon and Marantz

inmusic buys denon and marantz from D&M

inMusic’s march through pro audio continues, this time grabbing Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and importantly, Denon DJ from D&M.

Windows Embedded in Numark and Akai gear?


Want to be a digital Dj but without a laptop? Microsoft and inMusic are getting cosy and putting Windows Embedded inside limps of gear.

WORXMAS Gift Day 2: Numark and Akai Pro stuff!


Worxmas day 2 and inMusic aka Numark and Akai Pro are spreading Christmas love with a selection of their gift-worthy wares.

REVIEW 2: Numark NS7II DJ Controller by Arkaei

Numark NS7II DJ controller review Serato NS7 II Arkaei (5)

Two heads are better than one, especially when one of them is incredibly skilled and took the Numark NS7II out for a real world test. Read Arkaei’s review

REVIEW: Numark NS7II Serato DJ Controller

Numark NS7II DJ controller review Serato (5)

Is the Numark NS7II the best controller ever built Period? Numark certainly think so. Read the first of 2 full reviews.

HELP: Identify this old school DJ mixer

wild style mixer

Old school mixer geeks – any idea what this mixer is from the film Wild Style? Help us so we can sleep at night.

REVIEW: Numark Mixtrack Edge DJ controller

Numark Mixtrack Edge DJ Controller review (12)

Are the current range of DJ MIDI controllers just too big? Then the Numark Mixtrack Edge is just for you. Check out our review.

EXCLUSIVE: Numark NS7 II unboxing and first look

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (16)

Brace yourselves, for the Numark NS7 II is rolling off the production line as we speak. And one just happened to roll all the way to the worxlab.