VIDEO: Buddy Peace on the Launchpad MK2. Wait what?

novation launchpad mk2

In a case of blink and you’ll miss it, Novation has slid their new RGB button laden Launchpad MK2 out almost under the radar. But we saw it, and here it is.

In-app effects come to Launchpad for iPad

Novation launchpad for ipad

Novation has rolled out an update to its Launchpad for iPad app. Via in-app purchases, you can now add stutter, delay, autofilter, and gater effects.

BPM 2014: Novation Launch Family walkthrough [VIDEO]

novation launchpad S launchkey mini launch control XL audiohub

Novation’s Launch family continues to grow (Launch Control XL) and at the same time shrink (Launchkey Mini). But there’s certainly a diverse range of controllers to suit wallet sizes and room spaces. And to compliment this range and make life generally easier is the Audiohub 2×4, a new audio interface with built-in USB hub. Chris Calcutt did the demo honours at BPM 2014.

Pocket beatmaking — Launchpad for iPhone

Novation launchpad for iphone

Novation has done the impossible and squeezed their Launchpad workflow into your hand. Launchpad for iPhone is music making fun in your pocket.

Make the next Virus and win with M4SONIC and Novation

Novation M4SONIC Launchpad

Grab the Virus sounds from Novation, make something fresh and you could be in line for a masterclass with M4SONIC himself.

BPM 2013: Odds and Ends


Time for a quick round up of odds and ends that we think might be of interest from BPM 2013.

Novation Launch Control – a box of many uses

Novation Launch Control MIDi launchpad controller (3)

Modular is the new all-in-one, and the Novation Launch Control adds a few handy controls to the Launchpad, as well as being a handy add-on for many users.

Novation push out new Launchpad S

Novation Launchpad S

Now that Ableton have their own Push controller coming, Novation have responded with a class compliant cosmetically enhanced Launchpad S.

Turntables – dead or due for a reboot?

Decks - dead or due for a reboot?

Turntables have a lot of love from DJs, but sadly seem to be losing the will to live. But given the amount of gadgetry being shoehorned into controllers, is it time for a turntable rethink and reexamine the platform for the digital age?