DJ gear — has innovation stalled because it’s all been done?

The lack of innovation is bemoaned with every new announcement. But do you really need more? Is more even possible when playing tracks back to back?

REVIEW: NI Traktor Kontrol S5 Controller

The Traktor Kontrol S5 might not be as feature rich as its big sibling, the S8, but how does it stack up as a new four-channel controller?

Native Sessions: Rafik and Unkut talk turntablism

Time for some more Native Sessions courtesy of NI. This time, Rafik and Unkut take to the stage to deliver some history and performance.

OS X El Capitan: can you upgrade yet?

It’s coming up to two months since Apple released their latest OS X update dubbed El Capitan. Is it OK to upgrade yet? We round up the latest news.

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Boiler Room Stems

Want some free Stems? NI and Boiler Room TV have got a few from Addison Groove, LAO and NGHT DRPS for you to have a dabble with.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ gear is made [VIDEO]

Together with Native Instruments, Jared Helfer ran a panel to shed light on the process of how DJ gear is designed, marketed, and sold. Watch the video.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ Gear Is Made

Ever wondered how DJ gear is made? We’ll shed some light as we team up with Native Instruments to discuss this very subject in our BPM 2015 seminar.

FIRST LOOK: Stems Creator beta — out now

The online stores are selling them, and NI has the hardware ready for them. And now you can make them. Yes — the Stems Creator is out in public beta today.

Brace yourselves — Stems are coming [VIDEO]

The open source Stems file format edges ever closer to release. And to tide you over, NI has released a teaser video of Stems files being mixed.

All the NI Stems info you could ever need

As NI’s open source Stems technology edges oh so slowly towards release, an official Stems website has appeared that should satisfy all questions.