Monkey Banana monitors — now in the UK

It’s a small brand with a big image, and Monkey Banana studio monitors have finally secured distribution to the UK.

NEW: Pioneer S-DJ X series — Monitors for DJs

The new Pioneer S-DJ X series of monitors aims to please producers and DJs with a range of sizes at a price to keep everyone happy.

REVIEW: Reloop Wave 8 Studio Monitors

Reloop are ticking just about every box in the DJ and producer check list. This time, it’s the Reloop Wave 8 studio monitors, that aren’t just for the studio.

Broken studio monitor = time for a group test

It wasn’t one of those “I dropped my phone down the toilet” moments, but an accidentally damaged studio monitor is a good excuse for a group test. Tell us what you have.

IDEA: Mini screens for DJs

Video effects to become essential DJ setup item? I seriously hope so. Multiple small screens would solve a lot of problems.