Reloop brings MIDI editor to Keypad and Keyfadr

Reloop’s toe dipping into production brought the Keypad and Keyfadr to the DJ market. And now they’re getting serious about MIDI and have released a MIDI mapper and extra files for other MIDI software.

TUTORIAL: Mapping freeze mode in Traktor 2.7 [VIDEO]

The Remix Decks were the last all-new feature to appear in traktor, but they were locked off from the tampering hands of MIDI mappers everywhere. This time, Freeze mode has migrated from iOS but is fully available for mapping. In this tutorial, Jared Helfer starts with the basics through to the detail of mapping the assorted elements of Freeze Mode to the controller of your choice.

FRIDAY FUN: 2manybuttons

DJing is serious business — very serious indeed. So we must be able to have a laugh sometimes, and that’s exactly what the 2manybuttons video does. Being presented with more buttons than tracks, these DJs somehow make it through a set without a clue what they’re doing.

Samsung releases Professional Audio SDK for Galaxy devices

It’s fair to say that Android is the runt of the OS litter when it comes to music and DJing. But that may be about to get a shot in the arm via the new Samsung Professional Audio software developer kit. Does this and the announcement of Android L means the platform is about to become a player?

PUC wireless MIDI bridge for iOS devices

In a world of wireless, MIDI is still one of those things that clings onto cables. Zivix’s PUC aims to get rid of that last pesky barrier to freedom.

REVIEW: CME Xkey portable MIDI keyboard

Need an Apple-esque MIDI keyboard for your Apple life? The CME Xkey is the perfect fit. Hatty Settle plays Carpenters Tunes jazz style and writes words.

REVIEW: Source Audio Hot Hand USB wireless controller

Source Audio’s Hot Hand wireless controller lets you wear and control aspects of your performance. Jared Helfer put his hands in the air for his review.

AlphaSphere nexus controller hits Europe

From flat vinyl to 3D orbs, music is about spheres of one sort or another. And the AlphaSphere nexus turns flat controllerism into 3D performance.

OUT NOW: Reloop RP-8000 MIDI Turntable

Many of you have craved the Reloop RP-8000 MIDI turntables since seeing them at BPM. And now you can have them. They’re in shops now… ish.

TEASER: Mixed In Key — from utility to pro software

Most companies add features to software. Mixed In Key are wrapping entire DJ software around its key feature. New software ahoy.