Jay Smith’s Every 90 Minutes ALS fundraiser

every 90 minutes als jay smith livid

ALS is an acronym on everyone’s lips right now, none more so than Livid founder Jay Smith. Having been diagnosed with the disease, he’s set up a fundraiser, so that instead of wasting water, you can donate real cash to help fund research into this terrible condition.

Ready for pre-order — Livid DS1 MIDI mixer

livid Instruments DS1 Ableton Live Controller (4)

We first saw the Livid DS1 MIDI mixer in a very prototype condition at NAMM 2014. But now they’re ready for pre-order.

Livid Instruments Base II — The Sequel

Livid Base II midi controller (3)

When you get something right, it doesn’t need reinventing. But Livid Instruments has made their Base controller a little better. Presenting Base II.

REVIEW: Livid Base Grid Controller

Livid Base Review DJWORX (7)

Like the APC40 and Push before it, the Livid Base controller harnesses the power of Ableton Live. Jared presses buttons and writes words.

LIMITED EDITION: Livid OhmRGB Midnight Chrome

Livid Instruments OhmRGB Midnight chrome DJ controller (1)

Livid Instruments controllers are unique enough, but the limited edition OhmRGB Midnight Chrome is about as exclusive as it gets. Just 10 – get yours today.

Share your DIY projects to win a Livid Brain Jnr

Livid Instruments DIY Controller brain jnr competition

For you, does plug and play mean breaking out components to make your own controller? Share and win a Livid Brain Jnr.

NAMM 2013: Livid Base and Alias 8

Livid Alias 8 Base controller NAMM 2013 (3)

You can always depend on Livid Instruments to do things that nobody else is doing. An this year’s NAMM has brought the lovely Livid Base Controller.

NAMM 2013: Livid Base Controller – moving parts not included

Livid Base hardware controller NAMM 2013 (3)

Livid make highly desirable controllers, and the Livid Base is likely to be the most desirable with the widest appeal.

REVIEW: Livid CNTRL:R MIDI Controller


DJing is a moving target these days, and the Livid CNTRL:R MIDI controller typifies this perfectly. Chris Cartledge presses buttons and writes words.