BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 30% off at Isotonik Studios!

We couldn’t let Black Friday pass without getting you at least one juicy discount. So 30% off anything is yours at Ableton specialists Isotonik Studios until Sunday.

The imperfection of perfection and why I miss cue burn

The reliance on technology-based perfection is slowly eliminating the human element of DJing. Give me cue burn and off beats – do that mix in one take.

Ableton goes long: Live 9.5, Push 2 and Link

Berlin-based Ableton go update crazy with a trifecta of treats: new features in Ableton Live 9.5, a brand new Push 2 and Ableton Link for jam sessions.

REVIEW: Ableton Push Controller

If you’re going to use software, it’s a safe bet that the hardware designed for it is going to be pretty hot. Such is the case with the Ableton Push. DJWORX teamster Darren E Cowley of Isotonik Studios impulse-bought one, but after the shortest play ended up boxing it up and putting it on to of a wardrobe to do house renovations. But having dug it out again, he sees what all the fuss is about. Here is his very detailed review, with a second opinion from Mark Settle.

BPM 2014: Ableton Push Demo [VIDEO]

Ableton Live is a slightly abstract concept for DJs to grasp. But it need not be difficult to tame and understand, and that’s where the Ableton Push controller comes in. Watch Simon Lyon create beats and music just on the Push without needing to use his laptop screen.

Ableton software — 25% off until September 5th

Fancy Ableton Live 9? Get your wallet out because all of its variants are 25% off for a few days from the Ableton webshop.


For C2C, the step from battle performance to single is very short. And this week they stopped by BBC Radio1 to perform “Down The Road” live.

OUT NOW: Ableton Live 9 ready for download

Ableton Live 9 is in the stalls and ready to go. Purchase and download yours today. But you might have to wait a bit for Push.

Ableton Live goes 64 bit

Ableton pushes Live to v8.4 public beta and introduces 64 bit. This is not the Live 9 announcement you were looking for.