Pocket beatmaking — Launchpad for iPhone

Novation launchpad for iphone

Novation has done the impossible and squeezed their Launchpad workflow into your hand. Launchpad for iPhone is music making fun in your pocket.

MetroGnome makes music with the iPhone ring tone

metrognome iphone song

MetroGnome makes a mundane thing beautiful. See how he turns the old iPhone ring tone into music with an NI Maschine and a QuNeo.

Serato Remote Mini: Is that Serato in your pocket?

Serato Remote Mini (6)

Shoehorning an iPad app into the smaller screen can be tough, but Serato Remote Mini does just that. It’s a remote that’s remote sized.

Friday Fun: Junglator for iPhone

Amplify Junglator app iPhone

Junglists – if you own an iPhone and have a spare pound, dollar or euro, Junglator from Amplify is the best thing you can spend it on.

iPhone 5S = djay and vjay on steroids

algoriddim djay 2.1.1. 64 bit vjay

With great power comes great respons…iveness. Algoriddim get giddy and update djay and vjay for the iPhone 5S and embrace the power.

Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS 1.3 — now with automix and autogain


Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS hits v1.3, and with it comes automix and autogain.

NEW: algoriddim djay 2 for iPad and iPhone

djay 2 for iPad and iPhone algoriddim ios Apple (20)

Algoriddim has smelled the coffee and got the memo, thus djay 2 for iPad and iPhone gets waveforms, samples, and more.

TEASER VIDEO: djay 2 for iPad and iPhone

algoriddim djay 2 teaser DJ iOS iPad iPhone

Algoriddim haven’t been sleeping while the like of Traktor DJ and DJ Player gathered speed. Check the teaser for djay 2 for a glimpse of the future.

MixVibes Cross DJ — Soundcloud on the go

Mixvibes Cross DJ 1.2 Soundcloud app iOS iPod iPhone (2)

DJing on iOS devices is about being on the go. Thus MixVibes Cross DJ 1.2 can now throw your mobile mixes directly up the pipes to share on Soundcloud.

HANDS ON: Traktor DJ shoehorned into the iPhone

Native Instruments Traktor DJ iPhone iPod iOS app (6)

First there was Traktor Pro for desktops, then came Traktor DJ for iPad. But finally the pocket-sized experience has arrived. Traktor DJ for iPhone is here.