POLL: DJs and the mobile platform

mobile devices dj production

Smartphones and tablets have changed our lives for ever. And it’s fair to say that they have impacted on DJs, producers, and performers too. But just how much? Vote in the short poll and tell us what you think in the comments. Hell no, maybe, or hell yes — share with us.

In-app effects come to Launchpad for iPad

Novation launchpad for ipad

Novation has rolled out an update to its Launchpad for iPad app. Via in-app purchases, you can now add stutter, delay, autofilter, and gater effects.

touchAble 3 iPad Control for Ableton Live

touchAble Auto Pan and clips

While hardware still seems to be the preferred method of wrangling software in the DJ world, touch screens are continuing to make inroads into this area. touchAble has been a key player in this market, and with the freshly announced touchAble 3, a release focussed on taming the finer points of Ableton Live.

Truly Modular: Modulares Interface

Modulares Interface iPad (2)

The adoption of mobile devices into DJing has been slow but steady, with solutions that exists entirely as apps, or using the iPad laptop style to drive the apps. But the Modulares Interface approach is to fully encase an iPad inside a frame and build your own configurable controllers with modular components. Jared and Dan take a look.

Akai Pro’s iMPC Pro — pad bashing, but not too hard

Akai iMPC Pro

While the tradition MPC offers awesome pad-based performance, the window into its world is tiny. iMPC Pro however opens up that window in a big way.

NI’s iMaschine gets an update — great news for iPad users


Native Instruments has rolled out a long overdue update for iMaschine, making the iPad version more advanced than the iPhone counterpart.

Vidibox – audio and video mashup for your iPad

vidibox ipad video mashup

Video is slowly picking up steam for DJs. And vidibox looks to embrace audio and video in an iPad friendly environment to offer an intuitive interface.

Did Serato Remote just change everything?

Serato Remote Slicer

It might seem like a small thing, but adding slicer to the Serato Remote app might just have changed the way hardware and software operates.

Serato Remote 1.1 — Slicer for everyone!

Serato Remote Slicer

Serato Remote gets an update, and brings slicer mode to every user of Serato DJ, even if their hardware doesn’t have pads.

REVIEW: Pacemaker for iPad app

Pacemaker for iPad review (1)

From handheld hardware to Blackberry app to iPad app — Pacemaker for iPad is finally here and it aims to embrace Spotify streaming too.