Vidibox – audio and video mashup for your iPad

vidibox ipad video mashup

Video is slowly picking up steam for DJs. And vidibox looks to embrace audio and video in an iPad friendly environment to offer an intuitive interface.

Did Serato Remote just change everything?

Serato Remote Slicer

It might seem like a small thing, but adding slicer to the Serato Remote app might just have changed the way hardware and software operates.

Serato Remote 1.1 — Slicer for everyone!

Serato Remote Slicer

Serato Remote gets an update, and brings slicer mode to every user of Serato DJ, even if their hardware doesn’t have pads.

REVIEW: Pacemaker for iPad app

Pacemaker for iPad review (1)

From handheld hardware to Blackberry app to iPad app — Pacemaker for iPad is finally here and it aims to embrace Spotify streaming too.

UPDATE: DJ Player 7.1 — better… well everything

dj player 7

iMect’s DJ Player continues to walk its own path. And v7 adds some very cool features, with support for older iOS devices too.

Cross DJ 1.6 for iPad: New Year party ready!

Mixvibes Cross DJ for iPad Samples (1)

Mixvibes is feeling the New Year spirit, and has released Cross DJ 1.6 for iPad, complete with samples and a special NYE party pack.

Serato Remote Mini: Is that Serato in your pocket?

Serato Remote Mini (6)

Shoehorning an iPad app into the smaller screen can be tough, but Serato Remote Mini does just that. It’s a remote that’s remote sized.

1st past the pro post: Cross DJ for Android

Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android app (4)

Cranking Android’s previously closed floodgates wide open, Cross DJ for Android fills the gaping void in the DJ market.

DJ Player 7 for iOS: Prettier and easier

DJ Player 7 iOS ipad imect

iMect has released DJ Player 7, a prettier and easier to use upgrade that works perfectly in iOS 7 and on your oldest iOS devices too.

Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS 1.3 — now with automix and autogain


Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS hits v1.3, and with it comes automix and autogain.