NAMM 2015 — Reloop Innofader by Audio Innovate

Reloop RMX Innofader by Audioinnovate

“Does it fit an Innofader?” Yes, the Reloop RMX mixers do now, thanks to the new Reloop Innofader.

Custom Faderbox V3 — now with MIDI

DJ Rhymes faderbox v3 3 (3)

Off-the-shelf might work for most people, but not DJ RhYmEs. Having already done a very tidy fretless fader mod to a Mackie d.2, he has now turned his attention to the issue of a fader in a box, and the results are spectacular. Driven by an Innofader and a Livid Brain Jr, the custom Faderbox V3 brings scratching to a single turntable, as well as MIDI buttons.

AI — fitting S2 and S4 with Innofaders so you don’t have to

Audio Innovate mini innofader Kontrol S2 S4 fitting

Opening up an expensive piece of electronics to attempt transplanting another expensive piece of electronics is not to be entered into lightly. Thus Audio Innovate is offering Kontrol S2 and S4 controllers fully pimped out with Innofaders, and with a full 12 months warranty.

Epsilon Inno-Propak — decks and a mini Innofader mixer

Epsilon Pro Inno-propak djt-1300 turntable mini innofader inno-mix 2 (1)

Getting into DJing via the vinyl route is expensive. Single turntables are costing more than a whole controller does. So Epsilon Pro’s Inno-Propak is a welcome antidote, with a pair of high torque DJT-1300 USB turntables and a mini-Innofader equipped Inno-Mix 2 mixer for just $799.

Plugging and playing with the Mini Innofader

Mini Innofader

Post-NAMM, the DJWORX team and Elliot Marx tried to cram his new Mini Innofader into a Pioneer DDJ-SX and Vestax VCI-400. And DJ Zo tried them out.

NAMM 2014 Exclusive: DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch mixer

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch Mixer (2)

The DIF-1S have evolved into the DJ Tech DIF-1M — a MIDI, filter, and balanced out upgrade to the original. NAMM 2014 just got more interesting.

Mini Innofader playing up? Here’s the answer

mini innofader prototype

On the off-chance that your Mini Innofader has given you gyp, Audio Innovate has issued a response and a way to get it fixed.

REVIEW: DJ Tech DIF-1S Scratch Mixer

DJ Tech DIF-1S Scratch Mixer with mini innofader review (12)

Focussing on the basics, the DJ Tech DIF-1S ticks the handful of necessary boxes needed for scratch DJs. Innofader is one and £99 is another.

NAMM 2013 EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech DIF-1S Scratch Mixer promo


Scratch mixers seem to be button laden and costly. All you really need is a decent crossfader, no frills and change in your pocket. The DJ Tech DIF-1S is that mixer.

DJ Tech's DIF-1S scratch mixer: Innofader Inside


An Innofader officially shoehorned into an affordable DJ Tech scratch mixer? Here – take my money.