NAMM 2016: Numark Red Wave Carbon Headphones

As is traditional at a trade show, here’s some new DJ headphones, this time from Numark, with added carbon fibre.

Review: Reloop RHP-15 DJ headphones

Reloop’s newest addition to their DJ headphone range, the RHP-15, won’t break the bank, but how do they perform? We take a look.

BPM 2015: HDJ-700 headphones from Pioneer DJ

Show time equals new shiny. And Pioneer DJ has a new pair of headphones. Looking like an updated HDJ-500, the HDJ-700 raises their game just a little.

BPM 2015: Reloop RHP-15 Headphones

Reloop appears to be having a quiet BPM 2015. First a wallet-friendly media player, and now reasonably priced headphones called the RHP-15s.

GOLD! The Pioneer DJ HDJ-1500-N headphones

It took some time, but the inevitable gold HDJ-1500-N headphones from Pioneer DJ are here. And Tony Hadley is here to serenade them.

V-MODA 3D printing your brand on your headphones

V-MODA has embraced the 3D printing revolution to create custom covers for their headphones, ranging from affordable to deep designer pockets prices.

REVIEW: Flare Audio R2Pro In-ear Monitors

DJs use headphones, but they could use IEMs. So we got a pair of Flare Audio R2Pro IEMs in for a test from a DJ rather than pure listening perspective.

Flare Audio’s R2 reference earphones on Kickstarter

UK audio wizards Flare Audio want to work their magic in your ears. The R2 in-ear reference earphone is in Kickstarter.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular headphones – build your own cans

Modular isn’t just for controllers. AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular headphone system lets you build your own cans from a selection of components.

NAMM 2015 — Numark HF Wireless Headphones

Affordable Bluetooth headphones from Numark? What’s not to like? Enter the HF Wireless on ear DJ headphones.