EASTER GIVEAWAY: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, HDJ-500 and Neo cables!

Pioneer WeGO DJ Controller HDJ-500 headphones Oyaide Neo D+ cables

It’s Easter and we’re having a couple of days off. To celebrate, we’re giving away a Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, HDJ-500 headphones and some Oyaide Neo d+ cables. Again.

♫ On the 6th day of Worxmas, we gave away for free… A PIONEER WeGO… ♪

Pioneer Wego hdj-500

Day 6 in the Worxmas house, and we’ve got a White Pioneer WeGO with matching HDJ-500 headphones and yet more Neo d+ cables from Vestax UK.

Pioneer HDJ-500 — now go with WeGO


Red and Yellow and Pink and Green… well Violet and Green actually. Pioneer do a WeGO paint job on their HDJ-500 headphones. Sunglasses not included.