iPad A7 chip — making djay and vjay fly

Algoriddim vjay djay iOS 7 2.2 (1)

With a new iPad A7 processor comes a few more features for algoriddim’s djay and vjay that require the grunt. Free upgrade ready to download.

iPhone 5S = djay and vjay on steroids

algoriddim djay 2.1.1. 64 bit vjay

With great power comes great respons…iveness. Algoriddim get giddy and update djay and vjay for the iPhone 5S and embrace the power.

Algoriddim djay 2.1: iOS 7 friendly and more

algoriddim 2.1 qbert snoop dogg iOS 7

Algoriddim djay 2.1 isn’t just about making it play nice with iOS7, but does get sample and scratch love too.

TEASER VIDEO: djay 2 for iPad and iPhone

algoriddim djay 2 teaser DJ iOS iPad iPhone

Algoriddim haven’t been sleeping while the like of Traktor DJ and DJ Player gathered speed. Check the teaser for djay 2 for a glimpse of the future.

SHOWCASE: Print your own DJ controller

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 17.28.08

Design and print your own DJ controller? Dr. Kate Stone says yes. Well nearly, but this proof of concept is certainly a step in the right direction.

Algoriddim djay 1.6.4 gets audiobus support

algoriddim djay audiobus

djay 1.6.4 gets Audiobus, a rather nifty technology that routes audio seamlessly through other apps on your iPad.

Pioneer DJC-WeCAi — bridging controllers and iPads

Pioneer DJC-WeCAi iPad cable WeGO ERGO iOS

Pioneer’s DJC-WeCAi is an elegant cable based solution to the problem of powering controllers and running iPads together.

UPDATE: algoriddim djay for Mac 4.2 — AirPlay, new controllers and more MIDI

algoriddim djay for mac 4.2.2 update

Algoriddim roll out a long awaited update for their core djay for Mac app. More AirPlay, more controllers and more MIDI.

NAMM 2013: Numark IDJ Live II

Numark idj Live II iOS djay algoriddim namm 2013

The Numark IDJ Live gets a revision. It’s flatter, bluer and squarer than ever, but importantly works with your iOS devices and computers too.

Pioneer WeGO and djay play nice at last

Pioneer WeGO algoriddim djay

Pioneer’s WeGO gets the software we all expected. Algoriddim’s djay now plays nice with the WeGO, and it’s a free upgrade too.