Review: Reloop RHP-15 DJ headphones

Reloop’s newest addition to their DJ headphone range, the RHP-15, won’t break the bank, but how do they perform? We take a look.

The imperfection of perfection and why I miss cue burn

The reliance on technology-based perfection is slowly eliminating the human element of DJing. Give me cue burn and off beats – do that mix in one take.

NEW BOOK: In The Groove by Dirk Duske

Christmas is coming, and while many might be getting their first DJ gear, you should probably get “In The Groove” book by Dirk Duske to teach you to DJ too.

DJs — you’ve never had it so good

DJs — look at your DJ gear. Think it’s old rubbish? Time for a trip down not-so-distant memory lane so you can appreciate that you’ve never had it so good.

Memebusting — even without turntables, you’re still a DJ

Another turntable DJ purist meme has come along, and once again non-turntable owners are the target. I offer some alternative takes.

Plans for UK music syllabus to include DJing?

My experience of music at school was dire. Thankfully the powers that be want to bring it up to date, and have proposed adding DJing into the syllabus.

Without discs, are we still disk jockeys?

I cannot help but think that Pioneer’s new XDJ name is a possible play on words. Some feel that without disks or discs, we aren’t disk jockeys at all. In this context XDJ could mean ex DJ couldn’t it? Are you a DJ if you don’t use a circular medium? Of course you are, and read on to find out why. DJ is more than an acronym.

Readers — what did you think of NAMM 2014?

Before we draw a line under NAMM, we’re going to shut up and pass the floor over to you dear readers. So tell us what you thought of NAMM 2014.

Rap Stats and the relevance of the DJ in Hip Hop

Rappers are forgetting about DJs, and Rap Stats gives us clear evidence via their rhymes.

Rap Stats and the demise of the DJ

Need an indication of how DJs are regarded in Hip Hop? Rap Stats gives an indication through emcee’s lyrics.