DJ Tech’s pre-Christmas surprise: the DIF-7PT

It was a matter of time before someone capitalised on the burgeoning 7″ scratching market. Thus DJ Tech presents the DIF-7PT, designed specifically for it.

SNEAK PEEK: DJ Tech DIF-2S scratch mixer

The original DJ Tech DIF-1S was great for the money, but missed a few bits. But those have been added in and is getting released as the DIF-2S.

Worxmas 2014: DJ Tech DIF-1S Mixer

DJing at its core is simple, so a two channel mixer works for everyone. And this Worxmas prize is the DJ Tech DIF-1s mixer with mini Innofader.

Musikmesse 2014: DJ Tech LF-12 Turntable update

Another day, another story about turntables. This time, it’s an update to the DJ Tech LF-12. First seen at NAMM, it’s coming out really soon.

NAMM 2014: DJ Qbert Limited Edition Gold Concordes [VIDEO]

DJ Qbert has been in the DJ game for a lot longer than 10 years, but this limited edition Gold Concorde cart marks the 10th anniversary of the first.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech LF-12 turntable prototype

DJ Tech continues to make low cost waves in the DJ scene, this time with the very forward looking LF-12 turntable. And we got the exclusive.

NAMM 2014: DJ Tech DIF-4S, DIF-1M, CTRL and Thud Rumble TRX

NAMM 2014 was mixer central for DJ Tech, with the DIF-1S and DIF-4S, and their Thud Rumble TRX mixer. But they also had the CTRL DVS assistant too.

NAMM 2014: Thud Rumble TRX Scratch Mixer – Exclusive pics!

DJ Tech and Thud Rumble continue to be BFFs, and have worked together to bring out the Thud Rumble TRX scratch mixer.

NAMM 2014 Exclusive: DJ Tech CTRL controller

The DJ Tech CTRL accessory controller lets you take control of your DJ software without having to constantly play with your laptop.

NAMM 2014 Exclusive: DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch mixer

The DIF-1S have evolved into the DJ Tech DIF-1M — a MIDI, filter, and balanced out upgrade to the original. NAMM 2014 just got more interesting.