DJ Player and Myo Armband – wireless iOS gesture control

dj player thalamic labs myo controller iOS iPad

Want to spin with just a phone and a wireless controller? Watch DJ Player and Thalmic’s Myo armband play nice together.

UPDATE: DJ Player 7.1 — better… well everything

dj player 7

iMect’s DJ Player continues to walk its own path. And v7 adds some very cool features, with support for older iOS devices too.

DJ Player 7 for iOS: Prettier and easier

DJ Player 7 iOS ipad imect

iMect has released DJ Player 7, a prettier and easier to use upgrade that works perfectly in iOS 7 and on your oldest iOS devices too.

DJ Player 6.1 — Numark iDJ Pro friendly

dj player 6.1 Numark idj pro

In the face of stiff competition, iMect releases DJ Player 6.1, most notable for giving an alternative app choice for Numark’s iDJ Pro.

PureDJ — but how stripped down should it be? You decide.

iMect DJ Player puredj

The digital DJ age has got a wee bit complex for its own good. But iMect’s PureDJ idea wants to strip it right back to basics. But how basic should it be?

Musikmesse 2013: DJ Player 6 Beta — DVS on an iPad

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 15.56.52

If you’re a purist who has only just got used to DVSs, look away now. For DJ Player 6 beta is running in DVS mode on just an iPad. And it nails it too.

EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — DJ Player 6 beta first look

iMect DJ Player 6 beta musikmesse 2013 (4)

DJ Player constantly marches on through point releases. But at Musikmesse 2013, we got an exclusive look at the next full release. DJ Player 6 is here.

Red Bull and Stereomusik divorce – DJ Player free for very short time


Stereomusik and Red Bull go their separate ways. But to ease the parting, DJ Player is completely free for a few days only.

DJ Player Day 3 – iPad mapping MIDI controllers [VIDEO]

DJ Player MIDI mapping iOS

Just when you thought it could get any better – DJ player mapping MIDI controllers in iOS? Gimme that now. Right now.

DJ Player Day 2 – CDJ meets iPad MIDI style [Video]

DJ Player with CDJ on iPad via HID

“CDJ” and “HID” in a sentence is cool, but add “iPad” in there and things get very interesting. Day 2 of DJ Player’s assault on your DJ geek consciousness.