REVIEW: Denon DJ DS1 Serato DJ Audio Interface

Rane had the monopoly on Serato’s affections, until they decided to spread their love. The Denon DJ DS1 DVS interface is small, cheap, and wallet friendly.

Cryptic teaser: The return of Denon DJ

While many had lost faith, we knew it was coming. We don’t know what, and this teaser video shows nothing, but Denon DJ is back.

UPDATE: Serato DJ 1.7.6 is Denon DS1 ready

Serato has rolled out a timely small update. Serato DJ 1.7.6 opens the door to Denon DJ’s long awaited DS1 audio interface.

NAMM 2015: Denon DJ MC4000 controller, with pics

Denon already makes solid Serato controllers. And at NAMM 2015, they’ve slotted another in too. The MC4000 is a Serato DJ Intro controller for mobile DJs.

NAMM 2015: Denon DJ DS1 Serato DJ interface, with pics

In another did-not-see-this-coming moment, Denon DJ has got in on the Serato DVS game with the Denon DJ DS1 Serato DJ Interface. It’s small and cheap too.

Denon DJ MC6000mk2 units to get full Serato DJ

While Denon’s MC6000mk2 might not easily sit alongside flagship units from Numark and Pioneer, it is still a very capable controller. And having snapped up by their unstoppable acquisition juggernaut, inMusic is keen to demonstrate commitment to the Denon brand, and has decided to ship all future MC6000mk2 units with the full Serato DJ package, and as announced previously, it will also be DVS expansion pack ready.

TEST: Fitting a Mini Innofader into a Denon DJ DN-MC2000

Time to break out the worxdriver and transplant the new mini Innofader into a lump of hardware. Count backwards from 10 Denon DJ MC2000….

INDUSTRY: inMusic buys Denon and Marantz

inMusic’s march through pro audio continues, this time grabbing Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and importantly, Denon DJ from D&M.

REVIEW: Denon DJ MC6000 MK2 Serato Controller

It might look like it, but not all 4 channel controllers are created the same. Denon’s MC6000 MK2 gets a Serato facelift, and stands out in the crowd.

Evolved: Denon DJ MC6000MK2 — Serato ready

In another example of controller evolution, the Denon DJ MC6000MK2 gets tweaked to work natively with Serato’s software.