REVIEW: DDC ICE (in case of emergency) DJ Headshell

The ICE headshell comes to the rescue should you be faced with a broken tonearm. Mark Settle digs out his trusty Shure 44-7s and puts one to the test.

Linn’s 40th anniversary Whisky themed LP12 turntable

Alcohol and music listening have always gone hand in hand at all kinds of levels. And Linn’s Highland Park Whisky themed LP12 turntable is no exception.

SPOTTED: 7″ Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild!

Your eyes do not deceive you — that’s a 7″ Technics SL-700 right there. Biz Markie rocked them at the Crotona Park Jams. Read on for the full story.

Restoring Vestax PDX d3s turntables — my next project

We may be purveyors of the latest DJ gear news, but we love the classics. We’re about to restore some Vestax PDX d3s turntables. It starts here.

Numark TTX Review

It’s a brave company that brings out a turntable in a market that is so dominated by a single product. Numark did that and won my heart. I detail it from beginning to end.