Cross DJ for Android 1.5 — now with MIDI


While iOS DJing is totally established and flourishing, Android has been slow on the uptake. It’s mainly for technical reasons of course, but Mixvibes has been ploughing on tacking each hurdle and adding key features to Cross DJ for Android. This time it’s MIDI.

MixVibes Cross — now with Soundcloud

Mixvibes cross dj soundcloud (6)

Apps and software hooking up with online streaming services is the future. Thus MIxvibes has plumbed Soundcloud right into all of its Cross range.

Mixvibes Cross DVS — all boxes ticked


The new Mixvibes Cross DVS package frees you from the tyranny of manufacturer enforced hardware slavery. Pick your USB device and you’re off.

Sampler, keylock, and grids for Mixvibes Cross 1.3 for Android

Mixvibes Cross 1.3 Android (2)

Mixvibes Cross 1.3 for Android gets an incremental upgrade, but the added features are key to successful digital DJing.

UPDATE: Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.1, and a competiton

Mixvibes Cross 3.1

Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.1 is here, and with it comes a bunch of audio and video updates. And readers can enter a competition to win a warm up set in Paris.

Mixvibes Cross 3 — with video as standard

Mixvibes cross 3 video

Mixvibes has brought out their next point release. Cross 3 is here, with full video support, sampling and recording. Watch out Youtube – incoming.

Inevitable — Cross DJ 2.6 with Pioneer rekordbox sync

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.6 rekordbox sync (1)

Pioneer and Mixvibes draw ever closer with the introduction of rekordbox sync in Cross DJ 2.6.

MixVibes Cross 2.4 — 4 channels at last!

MixVibes Cross 2.4 4 channel 4 deck sampler HID (6)

MixVibes Cross jumps to 2.4, and with it takes a giant leap forward into 4 deck territory. Welcome to the grown up’s table at last.

NAMM 2013: MixVibes Cross and Pioneer CDJs play nice

MixVibes Cross Pioneer CDJ HID NAMM 2013

It seems only fitted that supplying Pioneer with rekordbox should get you some benefits. And for MixVibes Cross, it means getting properly HID’d up with the whole CDJ range.

MixVibes Cross hits the iPhone

CrossDJ iPhone screen shots 1.0 - effects

MixVibes Cross started life in the big leagues of laptops, and has slowly migrated downwards through the iPad to the iPhone.