Carl Cox talks about the Traktor Kontrol S8

carl cox Kontrol S8 #futureofdjing

When so many younger people adopt strong anti-stances against new tech, how come the old guard can embrace new gear? Watch the latest #futureofdjing video from NI, and see how Carl Cox loves using new stuff to compliment his skills.

Hercules DJ Control Air S and Air S+ Controllers

Hercules Air S Air S+ DJ Controller (3)

Hercules was one of the first companies to get into the whole MIDI controller revolution. And here they are still popping out controllers in a very crowded market. The Air S and Air S+ controllers are updates to their existing models, and also have the somewhat unique feature of exchangeable jog wheels.

REVIEW: UDG Urbanite Controller sleeve medium

UDG Urbanite medium sleeve review (6)

Controllers, especially smaller ones, don’t always need flight cases to keep them safe. If you’re likely to be carrying your controller at all times, then a lighter and more cost effective soft case could be perfect. Enter the UDG Urbanite medium sleeve — lightweight and ideal for small to medium controllers.

DJs — do you even want a jog wheel anymore?

no jog wheels controller

Records needed a record player with a platter to be used by DJs. But as digital media and more sophisticated technology has taken hold, the need for a real estate hungry jog wheel has diminished. Dan Morse asks if the jog wheel is even relevant in the digital age.

REVIEW: CME Xkey portable MIDI keyboard

CME Pro Xkey MIDI keyboard review (2)

Need an Apple-esque MIDI keyboard for your Apple life? The CME Xkey is the perfect fit. Hatty Settle plays Carpenters Tunes jazz style and writes words.

REVIEW: Livid Base Grid Controller

Livid Base Review DJWORX (7)

Like the APC40 and Push before it, the Livid Base controller harnesses the power of Ableton Live. Jared presses buttons and writes words.

REVIEW: Denon DJ MC6000 MK2 Serato Controller

Denon DJ MC6000 mk2 MC6000mk2 Controller Serato DJ Intro Review (6)

It might look like it, but not all 4 channel controllers are created the same. Denon’s MC6000 MK2 gets a Serato facelift, and stands out in the crowd.

REVIEW: Akai Pro MPX8 Sample player

Akai Pro MPX8 review (3)

The Akai Pro MPX8 sample player is sort of a baby MPC that grabs sounds from an SD card. We had a look and wonder where it fits in this age.

My brief play with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ (insert air horn here)


First seen at NAMM 2014, I ventured off to Pioneer for a play with the DDJ-SZ. And yes, the air horn button is real. I got video.

NAMM 2014: Gemini Slate and Slate 4 Virtual DJ controllers

Gemini Slate 4 Slate 2 Virtual DJ controller Namm 2014

Gemini has bucked the NAMM 2014 trend for huge Serato DJ controllers, and instead has announced the Gemini Slate 2 and Slate 4 Virtual DJ controllers.