Micro-DJing: Faderfox MICROMODUL DJ4 out now

German DJ controller maker Faderfox has a new all-in-one device, the MICROMODUL DJ4, and it’s about as portable as you can get.

BPM 2015: ROLI Seaboard RISE controller demo

It’s not so much what the Roli Seaboard RISE can do now, but where this might lead. Catch the walkthrough and performance from our demo stage at BPM 2015.

REVIEW: Tibo Urban 500 Console

The Tibo Urban 500 is an all in one controller, sound, and lights in a mobile-pulpit like box. Mark Settle puts his back out moving it around for a review.

REVIEW: Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller

At launch, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ wasn’t exactly ready for the market. But after some fixes, Andrew Unsworth lays his hands on one and writes words.


The Akai Pro APC40 is iconic. And now the sequel – the APC40 MKII – is here, and Isotonik’s Darren E Cowley put his Ableton Live knowledge to good work.

Reloop Beatmix 2 mk2 — now in gleaming black

The Beatmix 2 mk2 is a spring cleaned cosmetically enhanced version of Reloop’s exiting entry level controller. And it’s much better for it.

REVIEW: Icon I-Creativ and G-Board MIDI Controllers

Are Icon’s entry-level MIDI controllers more than meets the eye? Ray takes a look at the I-Creativ and the G-Board.

Musikmesse 2015 — Hands on the Akai Pro MIDImix

The inMusic stand was a modest affair this year, but nestling in amongst things you’ve already seen was the Akai Pro MIDIMix, an Ableton Live controller.

Musikmesse 2015 — Akai Pro MIDImix Live controller

The Akai Pro MIDImix is likely to find a lot of friends, especially coming with Live Lite and being pitched at a very affordable price.

DIY controller — wood, wire, and willpower

Why buy when you can make your own DIY controller? That’s what Haitian Fredly Rosilme did, from bits of wire and wood. And it works. What’s your excuse?