BPM 2015 is coming — tickets on sale today!

The best DJ show in the whole wide world will be happening in a little over 90 days. And you can buy your BPM 2015 tickets today, and maybe win headphones.

INDUSTRY: BPM 2014 spawns PRO Show

When 1 becomes 2 — BPM 2014 splits into 2 to create PRO, the sound and light focussed show.

Blag bags of BPM Swag!

We didn’t come bag empty-handed from BPM 2013, and will be giving every last bit to 4 lucky readers. Tell us why you should win and you just might.

BPM 2013: What we learned about the future of DJing

We’re always learning, and BPM 2013 showed us that the past is just as important as the future. DJs are looking back, and not so far forward.

The BPM Show 2013: BE THERE!

Tick tock tick tock… counting down the last few days to the BPM Show 2013. We’re there, so what’s your excuse for not going?

DJWORX and Pro X Fade present IDA UK and Ireland at BPM 2013

We’re not just lounging in our quiet room at BPM — we’ve hooked up with long time buddies Pro X Fade to present the IDA UK and Ireland stand.

BPM 2013: The Learning Zone

New gear, dj performances, and teaching too. The BPM 2013 Learning Zone is a valuable resource for visitor to the show.

Fill in the blank: “I am a _______ DJ” — win a t-shirt!

Fancy rocking one of our new “I AM A DJWORX DJ” t-shirts? Fill in the blank and if we like your response, we may well send you one.

BPM 2013: the Vestax Dance Classics Party

Trade shows are generally a sound clash of dubstep or deep house. Thankfully BPM 2013 will host the Vestax Dance Classics Party.

BPM 2013: Denon Freestyle DJ Competition

Fancy your chances at winning some tasty Denon DJ gear? Then get yourself entered for the Denon Freestyle DJ competition at the BPM Show 2013.