Virtual DJ 8 Beta – out now

Virtual DJ 8 beta

After months, nay years of talking about it, the first Virtual DJ 8 beta is available for pro users. Use it, hurt it, and report on it.

Serato DJ 1.6 beta — the Scratch Live migration begins

Serato DJ 1.6 beta

Gather up your stuff Scratch Live users, because it’s time to move house. Serato DJ 1.6 beta is here and ready for your Rane hardware.

Mixed in Key’s Danceability Beta — Our Opinion

mixed in key danceability beta DJ software (4)

Mixed In Key’s DJ software, codenamed Danceability, has made it out into the wild. The DJWORX team had a play and so far are impressed.

More details: Yet to be named Mixed In key Beta DJ software

Mixed in key DJ beta software (2)

Mixed In Key having lifted the lid on their new beta DJ software, and let slip a few important details. And it’s all about the energy.

EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — DJ Player 6 beta first look

iMect DJ Player 6 beta musikmesse 2013 (4)

DJ Player constantly marches on through point releases. But at Musikmesse 2013, we got an exclusive look at the next full release. DJ Player 6 is here.

PUBLIC BETA: Deckadance 2 — a first look

Deckadance 2 public beta

Deckadance 2 hits public beta, and with it comes some cool things you really should be playing with for yourself instead of reading about it.

BETA: Serato Scratch Live 2.4.4 — grab it today

Serato Scratch Live 2.4.4 beta

A new Serato Scratch Live beta is upon us. Version 2.4.4 beta fixes bugs and optimises installation. Grab it today.

Serato Update 3: Serato Scratch Live v2.4.3 beta

Serato Scratch Live v2.4.3 beta

Serato Scratch Live gets some update love, most notably FLAC support for those who demand lossless audio.

Serato Update 2: ITCH v2.2.2 Public beta

Serato Itch Public Beta v2.2.2

Another update from Serato, this time to their ITCH controller software. Fixes and some important new features worthy of more than a minor mention in an update.

Serato Update 1: Serato Video v1.1 public beta


Serato unleash a slew of betas, the first of which is Serato Video v1.1. Minor changes but better hooks into SSL and ITCH.