REVIEW: Behringer CMD Modular DJ Controllers

Finally, the Behringer CMD modular DJ controllers are here. The DV-1, LC-1, MM-1, PL-1 and DC-1 get put through the reviews assault course.

REVIEW: Behringer CMD Micro DJ Controller

While the DJ industry pushes towards bigger and better, Behringer are right in the “less is more” camp. The Behringer CMD Micro epitomises this perfectly.

Our new 404 page

We have a lot of stuff, and sometimes we misplace the odd page, especially from the skratchworx archive. So I’ve put in a highly apt 404 page.

NAMM 2013: Behringer NEKKST K5 and K8 Studio Monitors

Coming from the guy who put the KRK into KRK are the Behringer NEKKST K5 and K8 studio monitors. All that pedigree with what will hopefully be a Behringer price tag.

NAMM 2013: Behringer CMDs — Midi Fighter Classic Ready

You read the press blurb – now get inside the Behringer CMDs. Dates, prices and Midi Fighter compatibility await your attention.

NAMM 2013: Behringer NOX 101 DJ Mixer

We all have to start somewhere, and the reality is that a 2 channel mixer is ideal for most. Behringer’s new NOX 101 is one such mixer – small and cost effective.

NAMM 2013: Behringer CMD controllers with Deckadance v2

One year after our exclusive look, Behringer are ready to push the CMD controllers out, and with a LE version of Image Line’s forthcoming Deckdance v2.

REVIEW: Behringer HPX6000 DJ Headphones

Behringer headphone review? Yay with a small y normally. But wait – these Behringer HPX6000 cans are actually very good. And cheap too.

Uli Behringer: Get your questions in

Uli Behringer wants to speak, and we’ll let him. But he’s not getting it his own way. Get your questions in today.

REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000

Behringer’s reputation is built on making me-too products for half the price. But the DDM4000 is a trailblazer. A box so laden with features is not what anyone expected, but it rocks. Find out what we think.

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