Blocs Wave, now with extra Ableton Link

Now that Ableton Link has been out for a little while, we’re starting to see some great apps integrate the technology, like Blocs Wave for iOS.

El Capitan beta breaks Pioneer, but fixes Rane

While Pioneer DJ said that the latest El Capitan beta kills their gear, Rane is happy to announce that their mixers are fixed in the next release.

Beta OS X breaks Pioneer stuff — Serato fixes with v1.8.2

El Capitan will be known as the OS that broke DJing. And with the latest beta, Pioneer stuff is broken in Serato, so they’ve pushed out v1.8.2 to fix it.

If only manufacturers had advance notice of OS updates

Apple releases OS X 10.11 today, so the DJ industry is issuing press releases saying that it’ll break everything. But why? Isn’t three months enough notice and a beta program to make everything work? Help us understand.

One year on — the state of streaming for DJs

A year ago, I had a look at streaming for DJs. And on the day of Taylor Swift’s guilting of Apple, I’m back revisiting the subject to see what has changed.

DJIT’s edjing Pro app — like edjing but more stuff

The edjing mobile app has been around for a while now. So DJIT thought it would be time to give it an upgrade. Say hello to edjing Pro.

No, Apple did not just turn its back on DJs

In the minutes since the latest Apple broadcast, I’ve already read comments about how Apple is turning its back on DJs and making audio interfaces redundant with their new diminutive MacBook. The single USB C port does make like impossible for DJs, but it turns out that they already have MacBook for Pros, and this new MacBook is not for you.

The Apple Watch — any good for DJs?

wearable technology is of a relatively minority interest to DJs. But when Apple get hold of anything, suddenly it becomes a lot more desirable. And with the announcement of the Apple Watch and the kinds of included technology, there is potential for DJ performance use. So given Apple’s usual technology midas touch, would you consider an Apple Watch for enhancing your performance?

Apple’s Yosemite, iOS 8, and Handoff

Apple annual WWDC 2014 saw OS X Yosemite, iOS 8, and iCloud all merge together as a coherent platform, and Handoff technology making the join invisible.

Is Apple about to buy Beats?

The tech rumour mill is spinning with chatter of Apple allegedly in talks to assimilate Beats. Can’t Apple just make their own headphones? Discuss.