Fast food and fast music — make McTrax at McDonald’s

Not known for their innovation in the field of music production, McDonald’s have a clever way of keeping you entertained while you eat: McTrax placemats.

Mixvibes Cross hits the big three oh: version 3.0 for iOS and Android

Mixvibes just put out a big update to both their Cross Android and iOS apps, bringing it to version 3.0, and pulling iPhone and iPad into one unified app.

ROLI makes NOISE — 3D Touch experience for iOS

ROLI’s clever technology has been distilled down into a free iOS app called NOISE, and with an iPhone 6S you get the 3d Touch experience too.

DJIT’s edjing Pro app — like edjing but more stuff

The edjing mobile app has been around for a while now. So DJIT thought it would be time to give it an upgrade. Say hello to edjing Pro.

REVIEW: Pacemaker for iPad app

From handheld hardware to Blackberry app to iPad app — Pacemaker for iPad is finally here and it aims to embrace Spotify streaming too.

Make the next Virus and win with M4SONIC and Novation

Grab the Virus sounds from Novation, make something fresh and you could be in line for a masterclass with M4SONIC himself.

UPDATE: DJ Player 7.1 — better… well everything

iMect’s DJ Player continues to walk its own path. And v7 adds some very cool features, with support for older iOS devices too.

Friday Fun: Junglator for iPhone

Junglists – if you own an iPhone and have a spare pound, dollar or euro, Junglator from Amplify is the best thing you can spend it on.

FIRST LOOK: Zerodebug d(- -)b — silly name, smart DJ app

The iPad gets another serious DJ app. Zerodebug d(–)b or DB as they call it allows for user designed interface templates plus more. Check out our first look.

REVIEW 1: Traktor DJ app for iPad

Traktor DJ hits the iPad. Chris Cartledge offers some commentary about NI’s move to iOS and some opinion on the features.