Android L is coming, but what’s in it for DJs?

Android L DJs

Android is the runt of the OS litter when it comes to the DJ world. But it looks like Google is stepping up, and with Android L should start to be a player.

Sampler, keylock, and grids for Mixvibes Cross 1.3 for Android

Mixvibes Cross 1.3 Android (2)

Mixvibes Cross 1.3 for Android gets an incremental upgrade, but the added features are key to successful digital DJing.

UPDATE: Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android 1.2

Mixvibes Cross DJ Android External mixer

While they have a clear road, Mixvibes is marching forward with Cross DJ for Android. V1.2 brings many improvements including external mixing.

1st past the pro post: Cross DJ for Android

Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android app (4)

Cranking Android’s previously closed floodgates wide open, Cross DJ for Android fills the gaping void in the DJ market.

Google Nexus 7 – would you use one for DJing?


The Google Nexus 7 tablet was announced yesterday. Is this the device that will finally see Android mature for DJ and audio apps?