REVIEW: NI Traktor Kontrol S5 Controller

The Traktor Kontrol S5 might not be as feature rich as its big sibling, the S8, but how does it stack up as a new four-channel controller?

Tibo Urban 500 — a true all-in-one controller

You have controllers and PAs and lights. And then you have the Tibo Urban 500 console that wraps them all up into a single mobile friendly unit.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 Controller: DJ’s swiss army knife

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 really is a true all in one DJ controller, that plays nice with everything including iOS devices via their new remotebox app.

NAMM 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Gemini GMX Pro All in One DJ Controller

DJs seem to be tied to the laptops, but some companies would like to change that. The all new Gemini GMX Pro will be seen at NAMM 2013.