BPM Show 2013: Early bird tickets on sale now

Is it that time again? The BPM Show 2013 is coming a month early this year, and early bird tickets are now on sale, as well as a swish VIP package too.

Musikmesse 2013: Gemini G2V and the reimagined GMX

You spoke and Gemini listened. Post NAMM, Gemini decided to make a 2 channel Gemini G2V as well as clean-slating the GMX and starting over.

Musikmesse 2013: Numark Mixtrack Quad

A logical, totally expected but low key launch at Musikmesse 2013 was Numark’s Mixtrack Quad. Think Mixtrack Pro II, with 2 more channels and RGB lights.

Musikmesse 2013: DJ Player 6 Beta — DVS on an iPad

If you’re a purist who has only just got used to DVSs, look away now. For DJ Player 6 beta is running in DVS mode on just an iPad. And it nails it too.

Musikmesse 2013: Numark iDJ Flex DJ Controller

Rather than blow a fanfare, Numark left the iDJ Flex laying around on their stand at Musikmesse 2013 for people to discover. Think baby iDJ Pro.

Musikmesse 2013: Numark Edge DJ controller hands-on

The Numark Edge shoehorns itself into the physical space format between iPad and controller. We grabbed it at Musikmesse 2013 and were impressed.

EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — DJ Player 6 beta first look

DJ Player constantly marches on through point releases. But at Musikmesse 2013, we got an exclusive look at the next full release. DJ Player 6 is here.

EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — Reloop RMX-80 Mixer

Musikmesse 2013 is a tad thin on new shiny. But Reloop has given us an exclusive look at their new 4 channel mixer. The RMX-80 is a nice bag of tricks.

Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer DJM-750 DJ Mixer

Tradeshow time means new shiny… and Black it seems, for Pioneer are rolling out a new mixer. Say hello to the Pioneer DJM-750 in Silver and Black.

EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — Numark Mixtrack Edge DJ controller

Not much bigger than a handbag magazine, Numark’s new Mixtrack Edge aims to find its way into every DJ’s life. I promise it won’t take up much room.