Survey Results and a winner!

The results are in and have been pushed through the complex analysis machine i.e. I read them and scribbled some notes, and what follows is an overview. But first, congrats to Victor Figueroa who managed to scoop the star prize. Thanks to everyone else who entered, but now for the first time in the history of the survey, let’s get to the detail.


The survey shows that a third of you are in the US and Canada, a third in Europe (UK and Germany mainly) and the remaining third scattered around Australasia and smaller regions. This does closely follow the average traffic spread as well. It’s fair to say that the DJWORX readership is spread across the world now.

You’re almost exclusively male (a big shout out to out 1% ladies!), 38% of you are in your 20s, and 40% in your thirties. A whopping 44% of you have big heads and consider yourselves to be advanced DJs, and a further 12% being self-proclaimed experts. We are seriously lacking in the youth and entry level markets, something that we will address and quickly. And while 10% of you class DJing as your full-time gig, 57% derive at least some income.

Most of you play bedrooms, private parties and small clubs, with 16% in the lofty bracket of large clubs and festivals. Not much love for corporate events though — just 11% feel comfortable in those. You’re missing out on some good solid income there by all accounts.

djworx survey results 2013


I’m not going to break everything down for you, because it’s a little dull to be honest. But I will cherry pick things that piqued my interest or straight up surprised me.

  • Apple is the clear choice for computers and mobile devices. 59% use a Mac and iPhone/iPad usage is more common that Android. 6% apparently don’t own a mobile device at all. Really?
  • Beatport is the preferred choice for getting music (59%), with Soundcloud coming in second (57%), beating iTunes in third. Friends and illegal downloads are very popular too. No surprises there then.
  • You prefer to buy gear from a specific online shop (68%) but will happily go to a real live retailer too (47%). People prefer eBay to generic stores like Amazon for gear too.
  • While most of you aim to spend between 300-1300 euros in the next 12 months, there seems to be little interest in spending any more than that. Yes, everyone is skint.
  • People want to add to their existing setup and not replace it. Are you listening manufacturers? Stop with the all-in-ones and start making complimentary pieces.
  • Only 11% admit to caring what your gear looks like. I have a real issue with how low this number is given how the first comment people make is how it looks.

This is interesting. The sync button causes more online fights than I care to remember, none of which end well or change minds. But it seems that while 36% mix at least part of the time by ear, 63% use the digital tools available with 22% saying they only beatmatch with sync. So where’s the end of DJing purported by the sync naysayers then?

And to our own pet peeve about the proliferation of 4 channel units. Firstly, 49% use just 2 decks and nothing else, with a further 33% adding samples and loops on a 3rd channel. Full 3 and 4 deck users only account for 11% and 6% respectively. So it seems that while a minority use more than 2 physical decks, there is a definite need for 2 decks plus at least 1 more channel — not a full deck, but a way to add a little more into the mix. 33% is not to be sniffed at, but does it warrant full channels in the mixer section making large expensive units?

Using computers isn’t quite as taboo it used to be with 76% saying that they rarely or never get negative feedback about using computers. 2% frequently get grief — what kind of place still has an issue?

In terms of the gear that you use, the picture is less clear, something I put down to the way the survey was worded. 45% of you are using DVS, 13% timecode CDs, and 16% using USB devices with media players. 10% are just using a laptop, and 10% are using iPads. So while sales figures suggest that turntable and mixer sales are in the toilet, their usage is still dominating. This is something that will shift slowly, but I’m still not expecting controllers to take over as the dominant format for a while yet.

As far as brands go, there are few surprises here. Sales figures are hard to get hold of, and I wouldn’t share them anyway. But the survey figures paint an interesting picture. 2 channel controller use isn’t dominated by any one brand. Sales wise, the Numark Mixtrack Pro complete owns everyone, but in the survey, it’s comes second with 14% to the Kontrol S2 at 16%. But with the demographic being more on the experienced side, this makes more sense. Novation Twitch’s come in third, with Vestax‘s VCI-380, 300 and Numark’s NS7 all poling above 10% each.

4 channel controller use falls where you might expect, with NI’s Kontrol S4 getting 37%, the Pioneer DDJ-SX proving to be a very solid performer in a short time with 26%, and the Vestax VCI-400 and Numark NS6 just creeping in above 10%. And it’ll come as no surprise to learn that NI’s Kontrol X1 has been the runaway success in the additional controller category. 55% of buyers picked one up, followed by the F1 with 26% and coming up in third are the Novation Dicers with 18%. The MIDI Fighter sneaks in at 10% as well.

We can only hope that this category will seem some heavy movement in the coming 12 months. We’re still strong believers in the modular approach and just need for manufacturers to get onboard with this as well. NI has proved that it’s more than viable, thus next year should see the Behringer CMD range feature heavily in this poll. Well I hope so anyway.

djworx survey results 2013

The Mobile Revolution

Just like laptops before them, iPads and their ilk are derided as being toys and not taken seriously. 25% of you have no plans at all for mobile in your setup, and 22% see them for fun but not pro DJing. A full quarter of you would use a mobile device for track preparation though, suggesting that finding ways to sync iOS and Android devices to software libraries would get a lot of attention from DJs.

More encouragingly, almost 40% would be happy to use mobile devices as an additional controller, which suggests that a market for pro level DJ apps exists, but not necessarily for full DJ apps, a market that I feel is now more than adequately covered, bar Serato‘s yet to be seen and maybe not even existing offering.

But 25% of you are fully onboard with the idea of replacing your laptop with a mobile device. I suspect that for that 25%, that means iPad, but it’s a clear sign that iPads will become as common a sight as laptops in a DJ setup.

djworx survey results 2013

Future Techniques

It seems that you lot are an adventurous bunch, and are always looking for ways to develop your skills and sets, and video seems to be a popular direction for almost half of you. It’s something that has never really got traction apart from for a select bunch of performers, but it’s the way that people want to use video that is most interesting. The easy route of using regular DJ techniques to use music video appeals to just over a third of you, but the ideal of doing a little more than that and putting together complete performance sets is in the minds of 53% of those interested in video. 40% feel that working with a dedicated VJ to supplement their audio performance is on the cards too.

Time will tell on this, and maybe one day video will finally get some attention from the wider DJ masses and their audience too.

Summing up

Nutshelling this:

  • You’re mostly male, in the 20-40 age bracket, with good to expert skills and generally play home to small venues.
  • Most of you are still using turntables, DVS or media players, but a lot of you have or will have additional controllers coming.
  • You have no real plans to spend a lot of money anytime soon, but when you do, the chances are it’ll be online.
  • Generally you’re playing 2 decks with some sample and loop play in a third channel, but more than 2 full decks appears to be of little interest.
  • You’re generally quite progressive with new technology, mainly use laptops, and have a growing interest in mobile devices and video.

As I’ve said, I feel this paints a pretty representative picture of what I feel is the average DJWORX reader, and has certainly given us a lot more insight into who you are and how you DJ. Thanks to everyone who entered, and see you same time next year.

  • DJ STU-C

    lol some interesting stats, by the way i hate big headed people, modesty allows you to improve your craft whereas arrogance gets you nowhere but stuck in a rut. i can mix but i can always improve.

    • Guest

      that chart is unreadable. 4 shades of grey?

      • Jerr1233

        better than 50 shades of gray

      • 123

        its a Checker shadow illusion. there only 2 shades of grey

  • Shane Selection

  • jkuss

    hat chart is unreadable. 4 shades of grey?

    • I can read it just fine, and it’s just an info graphic for data that’s listed in the story anyway.

      • HankBizzle

        Yup I can read it fine too, I think you need to adjust yer contrast jkuss.

      • Sergio Pantaleo

        I agree some text cannot be properly read like 12%. Why didn’t you use white color for text? 🙂

      • DJ Skinny

        I spy an M207 in that picture…

        • You do.

          • DJ Skinny

            So sad they’re being discontinued =(.

  • congrats to the winner!

  • congrats to the winner!

  • Mark Stewart

    Mark, about those 40 year plus people who are NOT expert DJ’s …….. What have they been doing ? If like me it’s been a 30 year “career” you should be an expert by now.

    • I think us oldies are a tiny percentage – on DJWORX anyway.

      The other results show that IMO this site isn’t read by many mobile DJs, otherwise there’d be a lot more older DJs, Beatport wouldn’t figure so highly and the figure for DVS and timecode users would be much lower.

      I guess that’s due to DJWORX stemming from Skratchworx.

      • Mark Stewart

        true …… i guess i was a little “tongue in cheek” with the expert question, but if you are still DJ’ing in your 40’s … you should be good at it by now ….;)

        • But what about those who have just started DJing in their 30s and 40s? Perhaps next time, I should get more info about how old and when they started. I think I’m going to be asking lots of questions to fill in some of the gaps anyway.

          • Mark Stewart

            cool, a follow up … i’d be curious to see the real state of affairs in the DJ world. I’d like to see the ratio of people working PT or FT as a DJ verses those who say they are. Around here are many so called DJ’s armed with a controller and a digital source that just play for free in the bars/clubs ….
            as for me making a living from it, I have to go further afield due to the locals closing the market with so many “kids” (anyone under 30 to me is a kid 🙂 playing for free. It’s nice that after 30 years I still get to travel around Europe but it would be nicer still having an easy weekend on my doorstep

  • Statistics Schmatistics

    We got a saying over here:
    Don’t trust a statistic you haven’t faked yourself

  • More comment about the colour of some numbers in a graphic intended to be little more than a story header than the actual results? I fixed it seeing as it really matters so much.

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    Interesting results: does this mean that the two channel (+1) users out weight the 4 channel users?
    Slightly relieved that i’m not the only that has been limited by austerity measures. It does surely mean you will learn to get more from your current gear.

    Video, everyone would love to get involved and incorporate video but decent resources seem to be few and far between and its so time consuming doing your own edits to me its seems like an either or situation; get a vj friend or go fulltime…

    I can;t wait for ipads to rule the less gear i have to lug around the better (at least that’s what my back is telling me)… I used to run Serato flawlessly from my 1.5ghz G4, not sure how a Ipads processor equates but it can’t be far off…

  • Mark Stewart

    Mark in answer to the “colour /looks like” question you raised, I think many people on these forums don’t actually own anything or it they do it’s cheap / budget end stuff with pirated software etc.

    you know I’m a gear whore (I admit that), but only when it adds functionality … i couldn’t care less if it looked like a 70’s soviet lunar console (actually that would be cool).

    The people I work with normally don’t care, the people who stand and watch care, and I’m often told that they have a better product ….. apparently a “mixtrack” is better than a DJM-T1 + DVS or a 4TRAK + Orbit or S4Mk1 + F1 ….. go figure .

    Oh …and I will burn in hell before I use an iPad in my system

  • KTD

    Burn in hell before you would use an iPad in your system? Why? They are incredibly stable and portable. I remember a few people saying similar things about CDs, mp3, laptops the list is endless.

    • Mario García

      + 1

    • Mark Stewart

      Why ? Do you seriously need an answer ?

      • Did you used to say the same thing about laptops as well Mark? Given your old school vinyl based heritage, I’m willing to bet that you did.

        • Mark Stewart

          with CD’s – absolutely, when the labels switched from sending 12”s as pre-releases to CD’s (around the time when Pioneers CD Pool opened) we would use them as coasters, Frisbee, anything but inside the club.

          However being an IT nerd, I got into Final Scratch quite early and I’d already built up a heavy arsenal of computer toys from recording so digital was a natural move.

          I wanted the power of cubase production and it’s effects in my vinyl sets and there wasn’t a hardware solution at that time.

          I am waiting for the day that the hardware has the intelligence of the software today ….then I will have a computer free setup.

          I keep toying with the idea of recordbox instead of traktor, and if I could persuade the wife that I need to spend another £7K on toys then I would.

          So short answer …… selectively ….NO 🙂

          to give you another perspective, many of my vinyls I wouldn’t even let you see the label in case you found one on eBay …but send me a hard drive and I’ll fill it with MP3’s for you …I feel nothing about digital sources, I get excited and emotional when i use vinyl.

  • not until someone does something ill with it live. even then i think it’s just another option/tool for someone to get creative with somehow. personally when i do anything i’d prefer to use at least a turntable and serato, but that isn’t the only option out there. i could learn how to rock on anything someone put in front of me, but i have my preferences. i can’t be the only one. plus why spend the money on something else to perform when i have what works for me already.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    I see how different is my POV (and setup) from the majority… Good or bad, who knows? Who cares?

    I’m from spain so a minority, minority…

    • Mark Stewart

      I also live in Spain ….. whats the problem Mutis ?

      • Mutis Mayfield

        Hi Mark,
        There is no true problem, it is sadness… Survey reveals not so much interest from Spain in great djing webs like Djworx. I think it is related with the language gap… And, related to me, survey also reveals that my POV about djing is (still?) not the usual in the djing comunity neither.

        Minority, minority but glad to see another person from Spain looking (and commenting) into djworx!

        • Mark Stewart

          Mutis, want to discuss this offline ? Over on FB? I know it can be hard here, but you are in Sant Andreu which has to be better than Igualada …. aquesta ciutat està morta i no es recuperarà aviat

          • Mutis Mayfield

            Sant Andreu (de la Barca) is not so alive… and Barcelona has a lot of good djs but lots of purism too. Luckly Igualada is in the same FGC train line 😉

            I’ll try to find you at fb and share some thoughts, sure!

  • Mark Stewart

    Hey Mark, I see that you took your own advice about wedding / corporate events …………… 🙂

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