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NEW: Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Controller
Posted by Gizmo on February 14, 2012
reloop, terminal mix 2, midi, controller, serato, Dj Intro

Remember the times before the mass hysteria of 4 channel controllers? Back in the day, we had what were called 2 channel controllers, units that perfectly suited the needs of most DJs without feeding their hunger for more shiny that would most probably sit half used with 2 channels needing constant dusting. And while Reloop have already brought forth their own 4 channel boxes recently, hot on the heels of the last one comes a 2 channel version. Behold the Terminal Mix 2, a controller that makes sense of Serato DJ Intro.
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REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000 Mixer
Posted by Gizmo on February 13, 2012
behringer, ddm4000, mixer, review

In an ideal world, we'd be all over every single new product release with a team of eager review geeks hankering to lay paws upon the stream of shiny glittery boxes that are released with an unending frequency. Sadly that time is not upon us just yet, so I'm still posting things that should have raised their head a long time ago. One such piece of work is a review for Behringer's DDM4000 mixer - a pretty unique product with a feature set that doesn't match up with the previous offerings of the brand.
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EXCLUSIVE: Denon DJ SC3900 Confirmed
Posted by Gizmo on February 10, 2012
Denon, DJ, SC3900, DJ Switch

A little while ago, Denon had a little too much leakage and were more or less inadvertently outed by a tradeshow banner showing what was thought to be the followup to their DN-S3700. A shaky video followed, but now we can exclusively give you a little more info on the heavily rumoured but now confirmed Denon DJ SC3900.
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Mash up with Mashup
Posted by Gizmo on February 8, 2012
mixed in key, Mashup, software

One of the advantages of the digital age, is the ability to chuck together mixes in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of slaving over the cassette deck (look it up) hoping for one take wonders. And Mixed In Key, purveyors of harmonic mixing software of the same name, now bring you Mashup - it's on-screen mixing at it's most basic level.
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REVIEW: Numark Red Wave Headphones
Posted by Gizmo on February 8, 2012
Numark Red Wave Headphones

The list of headphones checked out on skratchworx continues to grow. I'd say that we already have the most comprehensive list going, but I just want to keep adding to it. This time, it's the distinctive Numark Red Waves - the've been out for a bit, but seem to be gathering a lot of praise. So it seems about time to take a look.
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NAMM 2012: American Audio VMS Touch
Posted by Gizmo on February 7, 2012
american audio dj vms touch

American Audio's DJ profile has raised in the last few years. The VMS4 was the first 4 channel MIDI controller to hit our consciousness, and has subsequently spawned a 2 channel VMS2 variant. But at NAMM 2012, they showcased a trend bucking proposition - the VMS Touch - a trend bucking part conventional/part touch MIDI controller.
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NAMM 2012: The One video
Posted by Gizmo on February 6, 2012
EKS the one NAMM 2012

Back at BPM, we broke news of EKS's foray into the software world. The spinoff company - Audio Artery - decided to properly break cover at NAMM 2012 and give live demos of their new "The One" software. We were on hand, along with much show noise and a shiny screen to capture The One in all its singular and modular glory.
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REVIEW: UDG SlingBag Trolley Set Deluxe
Posted by Gizmo on February 6, 2012
UDG slingbag trolley set deluxe review

Despite the hysteria exhibited in some parts, people need more than a pocket to carry their DJ life around. But digital DJing has seen that DJ life be more taxi or flight based than battered white van. Thus luggage is more important than ever, and UDG have been a leading exponent in this field for years. They sent me a SlingBag Trolley Set Deluxe for review, so I dutifully loaded it up and bashed it around the office for a while, and then sent it out to the lucky winner in the 12 days of Skratchmas.
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Innofader goes plug n play
Posted by Gizmo on February 4, 2012
audio innovate innofader pnp plug n play

Audio Innovate's Elliot Marx has a mission, and that is to make his ever popular Innofader fit everything from old school Bozaks to new school Kenwoods. But in doing so, he's made what should be a straightforward installation appear less than a plug and play affair. So having examined what are the most popular installs, he's radically simplified the classic Innofader, and distilled it into a new product. No, I'm not talking about the mini Innofader that we broke a few weeks ago - this is the Innofader PNP.
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PRICE DROP: Traktor Kontrol S2
Posted by Gizmo on February 2, 2012
native instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 price drop

Hear ye hear ye hear ye. Native Instruments, despite me already announcing it on Facebook, would have it know that they're doing one of their fire sales. This one is a serious slice off of the retail price of the only recently announced Traktor Kontrol S2. Just a few months in and £150 off? What's that all about?
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