SHOWCASE: Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer – and preorder

Last week, we exclusively broke the Thud Rumble themed TR-1s scratch mixer. It’s a DJ Tech DIF-1s in Thud’s clothing that got people reaching for their plastic, but with no means of putting their names down on one of the very limited edition units. But the pre-order is now live. But instead of the expected $199.99, for the lucky few who move quickly, it’s just $179.99.

Thud Rumble TR-1s DJ Traps Scratch Mixer DJ Tech

Instead of just seeing pictures however, you can now see it in action courtesy of 2013 DMC SF champ DJ Traps. He delivers a cool 2 minute set on the TR-1s to show you that it really can deliver solid performance for not much money. Skills however are not included in the box.

  • sinjintek


  • DJtonality

    Is it any different then the first one released? Other than the face plate and knob color?

  • DJ STU-C

    anyone else notice at 1.43 in the video the record is still turning but the middle sticker is still??? maybe its just my eyes lol

    • Cutselekta

      what you’re seeing turning is called a slipmat

      • DJ STU-C

        ah ok, i thought it was marbled vinyl with something strange going on in the middle:)

    • sonicsurfer

      The controlvinyl are clear and the slipmats are white. As Cutselekta said, what you see is the slipmat spinning under the clear record.

  • Mark

    What a great piece of gear, lovely and simple, good looks (much better than the DJ-Tech), and with a proper internal PSU to boot. If it had balanced outputs I’d be in, but then I can hardly complain at this price and target market. Just it’s fiddly and expensive to use converters. Fingers crossed for a ‘pro’ model!

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    I’ve been searching high and low and the cheapest price i can find this mixer for in the UK is £129 just wondering if anyone has had any luck sourcing one any cheaper…?

    • Mark

      £129 sounds pretty good for a mixer like this. But is it this Thud Rumble model you have found in the UK? I imagine the only way to get this will be from the US, but for a $180 mixer the postage sadly works out at $90.

      • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

        hi, no not the thud rumble version… not to fussed by the color although it does look good. I have asked westenddj to see if they can source one. the djtech site seems to imply they are out of stock at the moment. I’m not in a hurry I was just scoping it out. I was only asking as the only price reference i had to go on was from your previous article. Cheers though giz

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