New Serato Video — integrated into Serato DJ

Serato‘s dalliance with the moving image has picked up some pace. The new Serato Video (no version number — bear with me) is delivered via a new update rolled into Serato DJ 1.6.1. The new version number free update includes set recording, audio linked effects, Syphon support (Mac only), and official support for Windows 8 and OS X Mavericks. There’s also a bunch of free Quartz animations for Mac users too.

Video mix recording is a biggie. It’s now possible to record your complete audio and video sets in full 1080p quality, something that is likely to heavily tax your processor and disk space. I’ve been playing with the Audio linked effects too, which rather cleverly adds visual effects that broadly match the audio ones (echo gives double images etc). From a performance perspective, these additions will be welcome by all users of Serato Video. But it’s the Mac users who get the most from this update with Syphon support which allows Serato Video output to be fed into 3rd party apps for even more video control. Inklen’s MixEmergency has had Syphon support for a while, so it would appear that the gap is closing.

It’s also worth pointing out that the previously posted Serato Remote with its slicer goodness also works with Serato Video too, as do the effects. I don’t think it was ever in doubt, but I’ve pre-empted the question from you inquisitive readers.

Serato Video 1.what?

Now that the core Serato DJ package is in place, adding stuff in has got a little easier. Such is the case with Serato Video. Previously it was a separate installable plugin, and for Scratch Live and ITCH users (why haven’t you updated yet?) it still is, but is limited to v1.1. But with Serato DJ 1.6.1, like the other panels (FX, SP6 etc) it’s now a part of Serato DJ, and rather than being a downloadable plugin, it’s unlockable with a code. And for a limited 1 week window, you can grab it from the Serato store with a 50% discount, making a $74.50 shaped hole in your bank account.

  • garritt

    Is it still a paid upgrade in serato dj for people that have bought the video plug in previously in scratch live?

    • Why “still” a paid upgrade?
      As far as I know all Video-SL licenses are upgradeable to Serato Video for free. And Serato Video is compatible with all current versions of Scratch Live, ITCH, and Serato DJ.
      I’ve bought Video-SL weeks before the release of Serato Video and didn’t need to pay a single Cent since then.

      • garritt

        I have already upgraded from video-sl to serato video.

        I meant do people that were running serato video in scratch live, need to pay to unlock the video plugin in serato dj. I don’t suspect this is the case but would like to know for sure as if i am going to have to repurchase video capabilities again i would rather pay half price than full.

  • Darren E Cowley

    But if i have no videos is it ever going to be worth it??? Whats the Quartz Composer stuff… must google!!

    • Jared Helfer

      I think video is never worth it, but that’s just me. 🙂

      • Darren E Cowley

        I looked into the Quartz Composer thing and that looks quite cool… just worried about the CPU drain though….

        • Jared Helfer

          The technology is really awesome, but I just don’t see it being useful in this paradigm, y’know? Video DJing is a COMPLETELY different beast than regular tracks.

          • Darren E Cowley

            Yeah i’m not feeling the playing music video thing and i’ll never be a yoda (still can’t scratch) but i liked the idea of visuals in sync with my music… There always iTunes visualiser i suppose 😉

            • Jared Helfer

              Look at Resolume, if you haven’t. It’s pricey, but it puts video into a more Ableton style workflow.

              • Darren E Cowley

                Off to Google…..

  • tr4gik

    OK so I updated to Serato DJ 1.6.1 which updated my Serato Video, I was
    happy that I could now play video from an .flv file, but …. there
    is still no sound? other .mp4 files are OK playing video and sound. I
    play the .flv files with a regular player everthing is OK with the

    Anyone has this problem ?

  • nick

    the only thing we want from serato is beatjump like traktor or cross dj… and one more 🙂 a way to import the library from the other software, rekordbox, traktor etc…
    then it will be the ultimate and the only one software for djs !

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  • dj travus

    someone help me with a license file for serato dj 1.6.0